Android TV box with Component video output?


I have a TV hooked up to a 6-input, 2-output component (green/blue/red) video/audio selector that I bought years ago, and it is connected to my cable box, PS3, and Wii U. The 3 HDMI inputs on my TV are currently occupied by my PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

I could use my current HDMI selector, but that one has LEDs that are too bright. My component video selector, on the other hand, has LEDs that are just right, as well as plenty of inputs left.

Now I want to find a new Android TV box that has component video output so that I can plug into my component video selector, but I couldn't find one anywhere online. Just those with HDMI-out and composite AV out only. Why not add component video out as well?

If there are any out there, let me know.
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Nothing? :(

Now I understand why nobody makes devices with component video out anymore; piracy concerns, incompatibility with the handshake "HDCP", plus it is not even compatible with 4K or HDR either. Even Android TV boxes/sticks never came with Component video out when they first came out years ago. YPbPr became an obsolete interface by 2013. I guess it's time to move on...

I plan on buying an HDMI selector that is compatible with 4K and HDR as well as an NVIDIA SHIELD, when I do get a 4K TV. That's the Android TV box that most of you would recommend, anyway. I'd be plugging my cable box, PS3, Wii U, and Switch into the older HDMI selector (which has 5 inputs, BTW), and my PS4 and NVIDIA SHIELD into the newer one, and putting my old Component AV selector away for good.
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I've never seen an Android box that has YPbPr or RGB analog component video out. The may have been some during the very early days, but I never saw them. There isn't even that many now that have composite analog either, the majority are digital HDMI only. You can get adapters that convert HDMI to analog component video, Amazon sells them.
I bought an Abox 7.1. I wasn't able to get the composite (RCA) output to display on my Toshiba CRT 1080i television (tried all the Internet tips), so I bought the EnjoyGadgets HDMI to VGA & Component YPbPr Converter 2019 V2 (link). Connected the Abox to HDMI on converter, and output component to television, but no image on screen. I then tried connecting my Samsung cable box to the TV via the converter and there was an image. So, the converter appears to be working.

Question: Why doesn't the image from the Abox 7.1 pass through the converter?