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Android update 12/10/09 - issues? (on Motorola droid)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by MtnbikerChk, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. MtnbikerChk

    MtnbikerChk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Updated my droid today - so far the only issue is it seesms sportstap was uninstalled - not a big deal.

    Anything else you've found that we should be on the lookout for?

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  2. bcddroid

    bcddroid Newbie

    Got the update late last night. I like the way things are running, contacts scroll smoother, browser is faster.
    Only issues so far is my faceboo/contact pictures are gone. The fb icon option when you press the contact picture is gone, too. Strange part is contacts last fb post is still hanging up top in txt treads.
    If anyone knows how to fix, do post.
  3. zzztech13

    zzztech13 Lurker

    So far so good but time will tell. Good idea posting this thread!
  4. OhMyEddy

    OhMyEddy Lurker

    For me, all of my facebook pictures and the link to fb profiles are still there. I am not too fired up about all of the vibrate/haptic feedback on the unlock though. Gonna try to find a way to change that...
  5. Dmags

    Dmags Newbie

    Is there something I need to do to get the update, when I click on System updates, it says "your system is currently up to date". It is still showing Firmware version 2.0.
    Shouldn't it be going out and searching for an update? Sence there is one there, shouldn't it find it?
  6. OhMyEddy

    OhMyEddy Lurker

    I assume you are on the droid? When I woke up, there was a polite message prompting me to install or not install.. Could a restart trigger it to check for updates?
  7. Dmags

    Dmags Newbie

    Yes, I'm on the DROID. there was no message, I followed your advise and rebooted my device and still nothing. I'll see what happens through out the day.
  8. like a drug

    like a drug Lurker

    So...I updated my phone this morning only to find that it deleted all of my contacts but 2, WTF?!?!?!

    I think they are the only contacts I've added since I've had the phone but I had close to 100.

    Any ideas?
  9. Howie

    Howie Android Expert

    Check if they all still exist at www.google.com/contacts if they do verify that the device is still set to sync them under Settings.
  10. bellamadia

    bellamadia Lurker

    What the heck man? I did the update this morning and lost 2/3rds of my contacts from my address book! And, my facebook sync is all messed up.... picts gone. This really sucks.... any ideas?
  11. like a drug

    like a drug Lurker

    I never think I uploaded my contacts from verizon to my google account. Or I should say that I've never "backed up" my contacts with my google account.

    I'm about to see if you can download verizon backup assistant on Droid.
  12. bellamadia

    bellamadia Lurker

    Hmm, I did this and my old contacts were there, but in a separate folder... I moved them over to MY CONTACTS... now what? Thanks!

    Update: Spoke too soon, they are now in my contacts again! yayyyyyyy You rock, thanks!!!! Now, lets see if I can get facebook back up.
  13. OhMyEddy

    OhMyEddy Lurker

    As long as you are on 3G at the time, all of your contacts should back up to whatever google account you entered or created when you got the phone.

    @bella: just wait, they should sync with your phone's contacts at whatever interval you have set
  14. Howie

    Howie Android Expert

    Glad you got that. As for facebook, I read yesterday a few others had the same issue and found that they had to re-login to the facebook app. Hopefully that is all you need. Otherwise I haven't any other ideas.
  15. bellamadia

    bellamadia Lurker

    Yeah, I tried that, still didn't work. Will stay tuned to see if anyone else has any other ideas. Thanks!

    Update: I just checked my contacts randomly and now it's synced with Facebook... nice!
  16. like a drug

    like a drug Lurker

    Thanks! The google contact sync worked finally!
  17. ballistic

    ballistic Lurker

    Yeah, after installing the 2.0.1 update, I had to sign into the Facebook app again.

    What has happened though is that Facebook Phonebook doesn't work, and the phone numbers for folks in my contact list that were pulled from Facebook are gone.

    Really a pain in my rear.
  18. Marsha12151

    Marsha12151 Newbie

    I am having a timeout problem. My screen goes dark and locks after a no use period of about 3 seconds. I have the screen timeout set for 30 seconds.

    Is there another setting I am missing? Still is totally awake when charging. All other apps seem to be fine. o problem with contacts or SportsTap.

  19. kwik5

    kwik5 Lurker

    Got the update this morning only to freeze during the reboot.

    I took battery out to reset and same thing. After calling Verizon support, tech said only other option was to do master reset.

    Master reset didn't work either. Tech checked closest store inventory and told me no store within 500 miles of Atlanta had any Droids. Was put on hold to see if they could ship me one overnight. Came back to say my nearest store had some just shipped and they could replace it (He actually called them).

    Master reset was as follows: Hold down power button and "X" on physical keyboard WHILE inserting the battery. When the Droid "Exclamation" screen comes up, close keyboard and push volume up and camera button. Options will come up. Use the d-pad (5 way navigation on the physical keyboard) to select an option.

    I asked the tech if anyone else had this problem. He told me very few of the 500,000 updates have called in with problems.
  20. Howie

    Howie Android Expert

    Mine is set for 1 minute. I'd change the timeout amount and see if it still does it. It could be a glitch and hopefully not a bad unit.
  21. bigstew

    bigstew Newbie

    I don't like how my Google search bar on my home screen has moved down like a 1/4 inch? WTF? Am I just dillusional and it's always been this way? I could have sworn the Google search was touching the info panel.
  22. e.leopard

    e.leopard Lurker

    Warning: If you do a master reset this will erase everything you have on the phone. It will put the phone back to the way it was when you bought it.
  23. Heide264

    Heide264 Newbie

    Update went smooth on mine; none of the above problems.

    I am also not a fan of the vibrate on the lock screen; I actually liked the old lock screen better. I thought the rotary dial type thing was pretty cool. Also I liked the way the date/time was formatted.

    Think its safe to expect lock screen options sometime soon? I actually figured I'd be able to customize it, but without an addon it does not seem possible =(.
  24. mylinuxbox

    mylinuxbox Well-Known Member

    any news yet on when the Hero will update?
  25. xtremescion

    xtremescion Lurker

    I had a issue where my Droid kept powering down and back up. It happend about 7 times in an hour. I then installed it manualy and it is working now? Also, I turned my Tactile feedback off and it is better. I went to settings, Location & Security, Screen unlock pattern, and un-checked the box for tactile feedback.

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