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Android vs iPhone argument. Rated R

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ksc6000, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. caustic

    caustic Guest

    For a lot of people, there is a such thing as too much open and too much choice. Linux can do whatever you want, and if it can't, you can add onto it so it does. You can customize how it runs, how it looks, etc. Yet, I still like Windows, mostly because I don't need all that choice. For me, there is a limit to how much I want to do to make my phone experience 'perfect' to me.

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  2. gibsonus

    gibsonus Newbie

    I reckon Android can do the business and take over. I just hope Google don't get too far up their own arses like MS did and then Mr Jobby did later ;)
  3. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    I know sort of what your getting at. Choice can be overwhelming. But the Windows vs. Linux argument is flawed, since they are both very open platforms. Windows is closed source, so you can't tweak everything, but it is far more open OS then iPhone OS, where every app has to be approved by Apple. In Windows you can still customize your start bar, and icons and all that jazz. Customization is fairly limited in iPhone OS. And in order to develop apps for it, you must have a Mac and pay for the $99 development kit. Android, Windows, and Linux couldn't care less what you use to write the code, just as long as it compiles and runs for that platform.
  4. TopShelf10

    TopShelf10 Member

    this convo pretty much made my day....simply put, if you buy an iphone, apple owns you...if you buy an android phone, you own android.......no-brainer if you ask me....android, win
  5. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    Lots of people have done in depth analysis of the OS's and the business practises of both Google and Apple, so I will not follow suit.

    The only comment I will make is that I am intelligent, as are a great many human beings on this planet.

    The main aspect which differentiates concious creatures from ones that are not self aware, i.e unconscious creatures is the element of free will and choice.

    I do not need Steve Jobs or Apple restricting me as to what I can run on my device, what I can use my device for, what modification I choose to make.

    I do not need to be told that Flash doesn't work and is buggy and slow. I will make my own damn mind up. I do not need to be restricted to using one application at at time because Apple think their hardware is not yet capable of multi tasking and that I will not notice their hardware inadequacies. I will make that decision for myself. I do not need to be stopped from modifying my phone, apple have no right, I paid for it. I can appreciate warnings, but ultimately I feel the decision should be given to the user. If the user breaks it after due warning, that is their problem not the manufacturers. Google treats me like an adult and respects my right to make decisions. Apple babies me and makes those decisions for me base on what they believe their average user is capable of. Most people on this forum are not average users, and I personally find it insulting to my intelligence.
  6. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    In addition, Google cares about their products and most importantly their users. They know how alienating a client base will detract from their profits. It is a key fact about Advertising, you need advertisers! Apple already has a name around the world for making stylish devices that perform well. They don't care about you or improving functionality on their devices, they are solely there to sell their devices, and make them look good to an untrained, undiscerning eye.

    The average user doesn't care about the OS and what it can and can't do, until they come to use a function that isn't present. Apple knows this, and market their devices as fashion icons. I think ahead and say to myself, while I don't need this functionality now, will I need it later, will my chosen system allow me to implement this functionality, if not, then it is not the device for me.
  7. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    Talking about Apple fanboys, I had an argument on Apple business practises with a person over Facebook, in the end I responded with an A4 page essay style response. If anyone wants to see it shout up :D.
  8. Jorpe

    Jorpe Lurker

    I think the iphone is amazing. Right now i like my evo better. I like how this competition is driving all phones to be better and more featured
  9. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    I'm glad you like your Evo better, the iphone is only driving the style side of phones, they do look quite nice. But the only time the drove the phone market was with the original iphone. It's like saying Sony innovates in their console range, which the clearly don't. The only innovation they have brought to the market today, was dual shoulder buttons... look how they have been trying to copy off the Wii remote, first it was 6 axis, now this stupid playstation move, which looks very dubious in design, a giant red ball stuck to a stick.
  10. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    I love to argue but you just can't convince them of anything. What I would like to see happen is ATT gets a top tier android phone out it on the shelf next to the iPhone and see what happens. I'm sure the iPhone will sell like free beer, but if your stick on ATT what other choice is there?
  11. Chaznsc

    Chaznsc Android Enthusiast

    Personally, I think both phones have a place in the market. The "my phone is better than yours" argument is both petty and unproductive. If there were only one smartphone market than we wouldnt see technology advances nearly as fast and we wouldnt have choices to make, both on price and feature levels.

    Every Apple product I have ever owned is a flawless piece of hardware. They dont release something just to release it *hint to Microsoft* I also think the intoduction of the Android OS is what the world needed at this time. Sort of a choice between the RIM, APPLE and WINos devices. And a strong candidate on its own.

    So lets just like what we like and appreciate the differences.
  12. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    Ok this is starting to come off as condescending.

    Actually Apple does have the right since you agree to the EULA when the phone is unwrapped. And if you don't like it, don't buy it and leave it at that.
  13. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    OK, first I did not intend it to come across as condescending, if you felt this, I am sorry. The second comment was only a glimpse as to why I would never buy anything apple related. Yes technically I agree to an EULA, when I open the packaging, but you never see this user agreement before you open it. I sure don't see it printed on the packaging. Besides, it not the product necessarily that I have lost all faith in, but the attitude of apple. It makes me feel like they are telling me what I should do. I am a free person, when I buy a product, I don't want to be forced into a tunnel because Apple think it best. This is how you treat a baby, make decisions for them.
  14. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    Yes and most people need to be treated as such when it comes to technology. That's where you came off as condescending. That's not a fault with Apple. That's just an incompatibility with your philosophy and Apple's philosophy. Neither of them are wrong. They are just different.
  15. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    Ok I see your point. I didn't mean to offend anybody. I feel it is a great shame that people can be taken advantage of by companies who pray on ignorance. Norton are a great example of this.
  16. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say Apple is preying on it. I would say they are facilitating it and marketing their devices as simple to use. And they are. So far handset manufacturers and carriers are doing a bad job at this. Verizon has definitely lead the way with their Droid Does campaign, but more needs to be done to focus on the fact that Android really is very intuitive and easy to use. Even Microsoft has started advertising Windows Phone 7.

    EDIT: On a little bit of an off topic note, does anyone else find the live tiles concept for WP7 to be a great idea for a tablet? IMO you could basically expand upon the information they already provide and make the widget/app launcher idea really come to life.
  17. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    Ok, I have issues with this. I have the Droid Eris how does Google treat me like an adult? I can't modify my phone unless I hack it and flash the rom. How is this any different then jailbreaking the iPhone? I can't freely do this to either phone. Jailbreak an iPhone and you unlock a lot of options, not saying it is better, but it is no worse the android. Both phones are great and if you can't see that people are just being fanboys which are just immature. The future is Android and ios. Google is the MS of mobile, they will have the market share and Apple will be there in the background. That doesn't mean one is better than the other. Really what else can a phone do? They both do pretty much the same now, ios is more fine tuned but that is because it has been around longer. I think android 3.0 will fine to android a lot more. It all just comes down to what system you want to lock yourself into.

  18. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Well lets say you by an iphone and an android phone right out the box no rooting no jailbreaking.you telling me the iphone allows more customization and third party apps than android ?
  19. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    Customization, no third party apps yes
  20. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    Good, balanced point.
  21. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    I think in two years both android and iPhone will stall in adding any major new services. Then they will just keep fine tuning and adding small little things, fast hardware. Really what else will they do that they don't do now?
  22. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    I agreed with your original point, but I don't agree with the point about jailbreaking being the same as rooting. For one, the one company ACTIVELY prevents consumers from performing said task.

    There is a sense of openness about Android that will never (I assume) be found in iOS. But, as I quoted in the post above this, some people are happy with stock, and iOS is perfect for them.

    I do readily concede that both platforms are fantastic. I have my feelings on what is best for me.
  23. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    Yes apple does actively try and prevent it where google does not. That is all that matters is you pick what is best for you. I just hate all the this is the best and this one sucks.

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