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android vs wifi for cheapest minute usage

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by fastmari, Jan 26, 2014.

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    WE are studying 2 phones to figure out which will be cheapest to talk on AND allow free/or cheapest internet access. The ZTE tracfone Z665C has Android 2.1 and is comparable to ZTE Flash in style. Others at college are using their phones with apps to access online sites ( with their college course partner's information that they use during schoolwork, etc) and they believe that their new phones are letting them do this by the wifi of the phone and the campus free wifi, without having to use up data minutes through their phone's Android. Yes, you can tell we're uneducated in this and also confused by the workings of Android and wifi. Phone #2 we're deciding about is also Tracfone LG 840G with wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Web Access, no mention of the android/OS style of usage management, so we are clueless as to how one just needs this 3Gwifi, blue2th and MobWebAcc, etc to do the same things as Android does; getting online for M3P, text and pix messagng, letting us into the home network wifi and any mobile netwks, going to gmail for email, googleplay for games/apps. It appears that the Android makes these functions more expensive by forcing user to get online thru its prepaid minutes for data/talk/text, sending video or stills to online address. For that matter; does Blue2th function as a wifi phone intermediary, like free wifi?
    Is there any way to tell us dummies what will be cheapest ( in prepaid minutes ) to access internet with; Android vs no android? And, if the LG 840G can get us to the same internet sites and perform same send/receiv functions, what is Android for?
    If you think you can fill in the many empty holes in our heads on these issues, we will be grateful forever and may even name upcoming turkey or pheasant poults after yall. My husband is 65 and we've been using Motorola flipfone for years, no back cover which is probably deadly, and is in technical college for HVAC since his machining/engineering jobs have gone south (and west to china) Since we spent his IRA funds yrs ago to keep our only child who we had at ages 40 & 42 in Christian school and 3 yrs of college before she went into Air Force foreign lang college, we hav no $ to waste monthly on fancyas fones, but "OTHER BOYS" at school all have smartfones, Notebks, Tablets, etc, while I have been bedbound, crippled, for years and don't even hav 1 working laptop! But we want him to feel good about himself without bankruptng us on fones; that's my dept, with my medical bills and RX and nutraceuticals, sans med insurance; plus diapers for incontinence from spinal injuries and damaged nerves to organs....so, can you give us some help here? I would like to find a source for a free or barter topworking laptop, as it is my only way to be in touch with the world, and I'd like one that can be attached to phoneline, with the oldstyle autodialer programs (that used to be free). Anyone got a contact?


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