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I bought an android ZTE Z730 in USA,when I took it to Nigeria,the phone require an unlock code,I took it to service providers they told me that they cannot root it,so I am unable to use the phone. What should I do please. Anyone has an idea of rooting it?
Swift response will be highly appreciated.


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Unlocking should not require rooting - network locking and root are quite unrelated.

Unfortunately the simplest way of getting an unlocking code is from the, in this case US, carrier who provided the phone. You might try contacting them and seeing whether they will provide it.

There are other ways for some phones, but I don't know this model at all so don't know. There are various sites that offer such services for a fee, but I have no idea how trustworthy they are.


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I've used to unlock 3 phones & have had no issues w/them whatsoever,successful SIM unlocks on an LG G-FLEX,LG OPTIMUS G PRO & HTC ONE M8.

They offer a money-back guarantee & you can pay via PAYPAL,so,you're covered all the way around.

For your phone,it's also known as the ZTE CONCORD II & is available for unlocking from this company: