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Jun 10, 2010
New Mexico, USA
I want to give a big tip of the topper to all of our great members, our site is chock-full of great, fantastic, fantabulous posts every day!


But every so often, you see one of those killer posts that just makes you smile, crack up even - I know I do.

Well - I think it's time we share those, yes? :)

So without further ado - let's hear it!

Got a post you find notable - share it here! :) :D :driver:

Cheers! :party:

PS - Thread stuck by request. ;) :)
I'll start. :)

We've had some spammers creating multiple accounts (same guy) - we call those sock puppets. In response to a mod, Kelmar, explaining that he thread cleaned those posts, we got this one, and it's a beauty. :)


WHAT!?!?!? We can't have accounts!??!??

I nominate that for our Post of the Week! :)

What's yours? :)
Early Mon you should win this week for your post

What do we want
Time travel
When do we want it
It's irrelevant


P.s would mind if I used this in my Sig if I give you credit
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For some reason it feels like the majority of the LG motion community (devs excluded) seems to think that unlocked bootloader will cause syrupy cocaine to pour out of the phone and cm10 and all roms will just work. Followed soon by the root goddess to make our phones beam purity to our eyes, but I digress. In short if the the bootloader is unlocked what will we do next?

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Try to lock it... LOL
Found here: