'Androoted' but still no more access to OS?


I find it hard to believe but Universal Androot, which has done rooty things for me vis a vis ordinary apps, seems powerless when faced with CLI work.

I am trying to dig down to and modify files in /data/data but when I have CD-ed to it, ls fails to with an 'operation denied' message. Directory /sbin is 'empty' too (like /data) in Astro altho' I'm 'Androoted'.

Does 'root' mean something a little less powerful on Android?


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Greetings Joe,

Being rooted and a program having root access are two different things. I haven't used astro in a long time, so I don't remember if it has root access. I use app called super manager. It has many functions built into it, one of them being a file explorer. You can change system files i.e rename, copy and such with it.

The problem I think that your having is that system files and directories are usually set in a read only mode. A file manager with root access can change the setting to read-write mode.


Hope this helps.