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Angry Birds Golden Eggs

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jeramie, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. How do you get a star on golden egg #17?


  2. calfman

    calfman Lurker

    Is that the one after getting all stars in "The Big Setup", the lonely bird at sunrise? I can only make him wiggle so far, by double clicking the egg and then clicking on the bird, really quick. Might still not be what you HAVE to do, but it works for me one out of three times. Still no idea where to go from there...
  3. chazzlabs

    chazzlabs Newbie

    I was wondering the same thing but managed to find it. Go to any level, press pause, then press the '?' on the bottom of the pause screen. Press the check mark until you get to the image that has a golden egg in it. Press the golden egg.
  4. jmeltzer

    jmeltzer Newbie

    same thing here. Click the bird once, and it goes away. Twice fast, and it squawks. Not too sure what really needs to be done to get the star. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Crude

    Crude Android Expert

    I don't see an egg?
  6. 16) Poached eggs - to get the star press group of birds, slingshot, TNT, any top bird, any bottom pig. Thanks Broadleynine!

    17) Mighty hoax - to get the star press any two buttons on the radio simultaneously or turn the dial slowly until its in the middle of the 3rd and 4th lines then let go. Thanks Broadleynine!

    18) Danger Above - to get the star press blue bird, red bird, black bird(with eyes closed), blue bird, green bird. Thanks Broadleynine!

    I dont understand any of that. Do you need to have all 3 stars for this stuff to apply?
  7. queenrocks77

    queenrocks77 Well-Known Member

    Found 2 more so far in the update!
  8. MCutshaw

    MCutshaw Lurker

    I have I have 13 and one of the 3 star ones as a shadow.
  9. Crude

    Crude Android Expert

    I have 17. The 17th egg seems to have a bug and is unbeatable afaik
  10. eteyen1

    eteyen1 Well-Known Member

    yea, whats up with the 17th egg?
  11. I have 19 eggs, but can only solve up to the 16th. The 17th is just a big red bird that sits there and squaks and disappears when you touch it. When I click on the 18th and 19th eggs to try and solve them the game completely crashes. It does this all the time, I don’t know if I need to first solve the 17th egg or what. Any ideas?? Here are pics of all of my eggs:

    Attached Files:

  12. *Knowledge*

    *Knowledge* Lurker

  13. Honestly I have no idea how I got those, sorry. They're useless anyways, they just crash the game when u click on them.
  14. tiger_liem

    tiger_liem Lurker

    ho do you get the right and left golden eggs on your third pic attachment?
  15. *Knowledge*

    *Knowledge* Lurker

    ^Don't you read?
  16. Mikey_0782

    Mikey_0782 Newbie

    Same here about the 17th egg... on iPhone, you get a 3-rows box in addition to the big red bird sitting on the bottom of your screen, and you can get the star by clicking every empty figure to make pigs appear, then move the red bird. But it seems on Android we're missing something.

    I read about the 18th and 19th eggs, I know it makes your game crash, but still, does anyone know where we get those ? For what I know, they're actually not supposed to be there...

    Did anyone try the Halloween version ? Is it worth paying for ?
  17. interl0per

    interl0per Lurker

    I got all stars on all levels, and I thought I had all golden eggs (17) but it seems there are 19?! My gf has a few golden egg levels on her iPhone that I don't have on my Android. Like the one with the massive birds beak that you're meant to lift up.

    Just when I thought I had finished this damn game! I only would have went back to Robo Defense anyway. :/

    And re: egg #17... doesn't work for me either. :/
  18. Kenny0608

    Kenny0608 Lurker

    I have gotten 3 stars on every level and gotten all but one egg... the one with the treasure chest on it...

  19. Level 1-8 click on the Treasure chest a few times. Jesus
  20. Did anyone else get the Halloween Golden Egg? Its wicked
  21. MindyChelle

    MindyChelle Lurker

    8-15. Just below where the birds are launched, if you zoom out you'll see it. Use yellow bird and bounce it off the thing to get it there (was how I did it, anyway. :) )
  22. MindyChelle

    MindyChelle Lurker

    I only have the 16th Egg... dunno about more... does anyone have specifics as to where they are?
  23. MindyChelle

    MindyChelle Lurker

    The Android app is a BETA release, thats why Hers is different, different OS = possible differences; & BETA meaning: "not all the kinks are guaranteed to be worked out yet."
  24. MindyChelle

    MindyChelle Lurker


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