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Annoyances with Note 5

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alec92, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. alec92

    alec92 Member
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    Hi guys,

    I recently got a new Note 5 (previously Note 3 user) and rooted it and installed Xposed Module.

    Just have some questions regarding some things that are annoying me:
    1) When I go to phone, then keypad and search by names (ie I hit 5646 to search for John) it brings up some John's but not all. For eg it might not show John Smith. But when I go into contacts and search for John Smith, he's in there. Any ideas why some contacts aren't coming up in keypad when I search this way?
    2) When I have an event in my calendar and it has the address, with my Note 3 I used to click on the location and it would navigate me there. On the Note 5, when I click on it you can show the location on a map but can't navigate to it from there. Can this be changed?
    3) On the lock screen, it has a shortcut to the camera and emergency call. Is there any way of changing the emergency call shortcut to something else?
    4) There doesn't seem to be a "mini Today" calendar widget like on my Note 3. The only calendar widget I have is the whole month. To view what I've got on that day I have to go into that day. Is there a way to get a widget showing today's events?
    5) Is there a way to call someone by saying their name? (equivalent to Siri)
    6) I use the original charger next to my bed for fast charging which is great. I'd also like to use the fast charge feature in my car, as well as for my wireless fast charger. Is it possible to use fast charge for both of these? Is it the cable or power pack which allows fast charging?
    7) When someone with an iPhone sends me a vCard, it doesn't allow me to just click it and save. Instead, it sends me a long message with a whole number of symbols, letters and numbers and then the name, email address and phone number scattered inbetween it all. So you have to click the number and save it, then click the email address and save it manually etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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  2. Lauren0125

    Lauren0125 Newbie

    #2: This works for me using Google maps.
    #3: Settings --> Lock Screen and Security-->Info and App Shortcuts-->App Shortcuts
    #4: Have you searched the app store for daily agenda widgets?
    #5: From Home --> Apps--> S Voice. Speak Call + [name of contact].
    #6: It's the part that plugs into the wall, not the cable, that allows fast charging.
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  3. alec92

    alec92 Member
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    Thanks so much for your answers Lauren0125.

    #2) So you can click on an address inside an event and it navigates to that address? Mine definitely doesn't do this directly from the event.
    #3) this option isn't available for me. I'm on Android 5.1.1
    #4) There seem to be a few. None of them as good as the one I had as standard on the Note 3. No idea why they got rid of this feature??!!
    #5) Thank you, that's great.
    #6) Thanks. Can you get a fast charger for charging in a car too? I assume the only chargers which support fast charging are genuine Samsung?

  4. Lauren0125

    Lauren0125 Newbie

    You can get an adaptive fast charger for the car from Samsung, but it's half the cost at Amazon.
  5. alec92

    alec92 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, I've managed to source a fast charger for the car, thanks for your help.

    Can anyone assist with the other questions? :)
  6. Bovineman61

    Bovineman61 Newbie

    My only annoyance with the Note 5 is the lack of a Marshmallow update from Samsung and AT&T. My 1st smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy S3. When I bought it the phone had Jelly Bean. When Google came out with Kit Kat I think it was maybe 6 weeks after their nexus phones got it that the OTA update hit my S3. I think the nexus got the Marshmallow update in Dec 2015. Here it is almost April and still no Marshmallow available for the Note 5 on AT&T. Thinking about switching carriers and phones when my current contract runs out.

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