Help Annoying call history bug as a result of latest update


When I pressed the call button on my Desire HD, the number key pad would appear including the recent call history, as you would expect. This was very useful as I could just click a contact that I had recently called to call them instantly.

Since I have done the latest android update (2.3.3) a few days ago, I now press the call button and the key pad apears as usual however the call history is blank. If I press a number then delete it, the call history appears again as normal.

As you can imagine this is SUPER annoying. Has anyone experienced this, How can i sort it?

Thanks Alot in advance.


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Hi, yes i have tried resetting the battery . No luck. If i minimise the keypad the screen is just a white blank. However if i press a number, delete it then minimise the screen, my call history is displayed. Its soooo annoyong lol

How can i go back to the previous android verson i had? Im also having trouble with my wifi. It just looses connection randomly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.!


Good to see someone posted up this bug, I have it too since the recent 2.3.3 update to my Desire HD.

Very annoying to not see the call history when you are on the phone/dial screen. If you press call history button it appears, press back brings you back to the dial screen WITH the call history still there.

I hadn't noticed but as you say if you press a number then delete it, the call history appears again as normal too.

win win

I'm using Launcher Pro, which allows you to select the application in the dock tool bar. I havent been able to switch back to the HTC sense launcher But I was getting the exact same annoying "disappearance of the call history". Hopefully this works.

In Launcher pro, I selected to link the call icon to the "call application in the drawer" and the call history reappeared.

Good luck

Hold the call icon - the "edit dock shortcut" menu opens
Select change short cut
Select applications
Select Phone application.