Help Annoying Issue with Default HomeScreen

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a solution to my problem and found a post in this forum to be similar to what I am experiencing but didn't help me.

When I got my Samsung Epic, I downloaded a Home screen App - I can't remember the name of it for the life of me since I uninstalled it a few days later... but it fudged up my home default settings.

Every time I press my home button, I get a pop-up asking which home screen I want to use. I have repeatedly selected "Home", checked the box for "Use this as my default" and when I press home button again, it asks me to choose a home screen.

I read up a few posts and tried to download "Home Switcher" to see if that would help. Luckily enough, I already had it installed (must have come with that other home screen app) so I uninstalled it thinking that would solve my problem. It didn't :(

I don't know what else to do. If you have any other suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your help,