Feb 9, 2012
I have a question about WiFi calling.
I have poor T-Mobile service at home so I use WiFi calling.
I originally set it to "wifi preferred" but found that it would randomly switch itself back to cellular preferred and I would miss calls at home if I didn't notice.
So after trying lots of fixes that didn't work, like resetting network settings, setting phone mac etc. I found what does work and that is to turn off automatic searching for cellular network, and registering with T-Mobile.
My problem is that with this setting, when I am home with poor cellular service, I am constantly getting this big popup on top of everything asking if I want to search for a network. Clicking on no, or anywhere else dismisses the pop-up but it is really annoying. Anyone know how I might disable it? Thanks.
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I feel your pain.
I also have horrible 'service' from T-Mobile and must use Wi-Fi constantly.

I cannot even get wi-fi calling to work at all, and so I must use a wi-fi calling app (there are many, I use Dingtone) that uses VOIP.

When I am at home, I put the phone into airplane mode and then turn the wi-fi on.