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Support Annoying SD error message

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Smarm, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I recently downloaded the new Froyo update (finally) and also bought a new 32g SD card (I hate having low memory messages). After putting the card in a getting the update all squared I was pretty pleased. Recently however my phone has been giving me odd error messages. It will randomly give me a caution alert symbol (exclamation inside a triangle) and say "SD Card unexpectedly removed". This seems to happen whenever I do anything related to the card, and sometimes randomly when I am doing nothing. Every time I try to access the gallery or move an app to the SD card it does this, without fail. There have been a few instances where I can browse my pictures but the SD moving always does it.

    I'm trying my 8gb stock SD card to see if it is just the card. In the mean time has anyone else got a message like this recently? Any help would be awesome. >.<

    http://androidforums.com/htc-desire/280613-weird-sd-error-messages.html Copy+paste'd from here. I posted it on the wrong board earlier.

    Update: I have reformatted(quick format and regular format) and error checked the card multiple times and though errors have been found and fixed each time, the error continues to happen. I'm pretty upset after waiting like an hour to format it. Also worth noting I can read and write from and onto the card from my computer with no problems.



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