Anonymous text and missing call notification

Soince the 2.1 upgrade on my Orange Hero I get not only an anonymous empty text message which I can't get rid of but also every time I get a misssed call, the Notification can't be permanently deleted. Every time my phone is switched off and back on they re-appear.
I now have 6 missed calls shown when I switch back on.


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I get the anonymous text, but not the call problem.
Sorry, but I have no idea why though.

PS: I'm rooted and on Villain12


I have exactly the same problem with HTC Hero on Orange, only since 2.1 update. After every restart there's a blank text from "anonymous", always dated 05 August..?


I get one dated 21/04/10

Which iswhen I think I bought the phone from Orange, I wonder if it's somthing to do with the very very first boot of the phone?


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I'm running VR12 and Handcent and get the text problem also. I can delete it and it goes, but every so often it comes back again.


I had a missed call problem on startup too. And it was from my mother-in-law! Now, that's an annoyance! I solved it by clearing the Dialer's data. Try going to Settings, Applications, Manage applications, and then find Dialer, click on it and click the Clear data button.

I suspect that the solution is similar for the annoying message.

P.S. This problem occured after i rooted the phone. I guess that rooting process somehow made my dialer remember the call i missed during the rooting process.
The anonymous text appears when the phone is switched back on and contains the time a voicemail was left. I can delete mine so I'm not sure why one respondant couldn't. :thinking:

I initially thought it was some spam/virus type thing but tried out some theories. I cannot see or hear an option in the voicemail settings to prevent any text message; I currently have notifications off in the settings when you goto voicemail.

I don't seem to get them unless I turn the phone off, which I rarely do. It just happens to crash hence a reboot before I noticed this issue (after recently ungrading my Hero to Android Eclair (2.1) under Orange network.

Don't worry about it, I'm sure Orange/HTC are sorting it out!


Got the same here too. I think it's the 'signal' to tell your handset to display the "You have a voicemail" message. On mine, I can delete the text no problem, and if I listen to and delete any voicemails I have, it doesn't come back. I had a similar thing on a previous WinMo phone on Orange, except I'd get a text with an underscore and a triangle symbol in it. Same fix - listen to and delete the voicemail.

The reason you're seeing the message again on reboot is that the phone 'refreshes' to the network to see if it missed anything while it was off or rebooting.

However, this has only been since the 2.1 update, so it's yet something else Orange have screwed up. (still miffed about the speed dial widget too!). Anyone aware of the same issue on other carriers phones?


I did have almost the same, except the text was not anonymous. Everytime I rebotted the phone the text re-appeared.

Then it occured to me the date and the content of the message were from before I owned the hero, so must be stored on the sim card.

Easily fixed, I put the sim card in my old phone and deleted the text. Has not re-appeared since.
Yes, I think it's linked to voicemail notifications, and only shows up when you shut down then power on the phone. The anon txt gets stored on the sim card.
To get rid of the anon txt message:

Open Messages app (the stock Android app - not any other sms app!)
Tap: Menu - Settings - Manage SIM card messages
Delete the message(s)

Hope this helps,


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flash froydvillian :) problem goes away then :) and you get froyo lovliness :)

I have Froyo loveliness on my San Francisco. however i have found out why it came back. while trying to fix the problem in this thread
3G Network HSDPA = 'H' symbol?
I removed my sim, the phone rewrote the text back onto the sim when i re-inserted it. So deleted again. Its fine I'll just have to remember that if I remove my sim for any reason to delete again. At least it stays away now if i turn my phone off.