another battery saver


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Turn off haptic feedback on bottom 4buttons.


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i don't doubt it. i have it turned off for this exact reason. depending on what you're doing with your phone, having it vibrate a bunch of times (maybe 50 a day?) isn't going to save you any battery life. it could be extremely trivial, or it could be another little thing that adds up to having awesome battery life (i am confident saying my droid is now at least equal to, if not better than, a blackberry curve in battery life)


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for me makes a noticeable difference. Kemp in mind I'm on phone a ton, and as prior bb owner,any app I open I triple tap back until back to h screen. Lotta vibes.


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I don't know...I did a battery drain test with the LED flashlight, and after (2) hours, and (2) email accounts polling every minute and (5) minutes respectively, battery level only dropped 20% with LED on the whole time. I can't imagine "Sound & Vibration" being at the top of the list under the battery usage chart.