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Another blow - no Google Goggles for us. 2.0 or die!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rankorn, Dec 8, 2009.


Do you agree that HTC should have already published the 2.0 update?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I don't care, I moved to IPhone

  1. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well, kingvortex, nice to see you lifting your head. I can sense the contempt In your reply, but that's ok, it is probably there because you know nothing about software development.

    Well, if you grow up and want to be a software engineer, here is the first lesson for you.

    Lesson number 1:
    A success software project is always measured by budget and schedule.
    Always work by a defined schedule, and let your customers know your roadmap and planned features.

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  2. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That's exactly the point! but as soon as you write anything against HTC here, an army of followers who kiss their feet just because they gave HTC Hero to us, will start accusing you in treachery.

    Let me tell you this, if it had been so important for HTC to release an update, we would have already have it in our hands. And bug free (as much as possible, since it will never be bug free).

    It's all a matter of priorities. People here fail to understand that. They are too busy thanking the HTC god for making a phone.
  3. kentamayo

    kentamayo Newbie

    If you really don't like HTC... why are you still hanging on to the Hero? There ARE other manufacturers with Android phones out there:


    to name a few..

    if HTC really bugs you that much then get rid of it, no ones stopping you.
  4. trick202

    trick202 Android Expert

    Nah. I think everyone on here wants the update yesterday - (deleted uncalled for text)
  5. kingvortex

    kingvortex Well-Known Member

    Digging the thinly veiled insults. It'll take more than that to get me to start slinging mud, though.;)
    As a customer of HTC, I already have what was advertised (Android 1.5 with Sense) and an update to fix the performance of the original operating system on my phone.
    Now, if we were paying for updates or HTC had even promised them as part of the original purchase then we would have some expectations on them to inform us as to when they will be available. They did not, however.
    The (free) update is being worked on. That's all I need to know for now, as my phone already has features that vanilla 2.0 hasn't got, going by posts from Droid users that I've seen.
    Care to comment on the testing phase that a major software release must go through, or does your company not test software before releasing it to customers? Or will you just ignore that point as you have done with other valid points throughout this topic?
  6. Ziani

    Ziani Android Expert

    OMW...cannot believe that I have actually sat here and read this, think you are all as bad as each other.

    I agree that the OP maybe could have put their message across in a slightly different manner, but hey, we are all entitled to our opinions, nobody was made to vote or reply. I have to say I do feel that it is becoming very frustrating being stuck with 1.5 especially when all we seem to read about is all the great Apps etc that a large number of members are enjoying so of course it hurts. Lets face it one minute we were expecting 1.6 then the next thing we knew was jumping to 2.1 so that was a bit of a bummer to start off with. Spose it does not help coming on here and reading about what we could have then maybe we would be grateful for what we do have which at the end of the day is a great phone. All the speculating does not help either. It will happen and we just have to wait but for some of us it helps to let off some steam without it then being thrown back in our faces.
  7. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member


    I'm going to ask again that everyone please keep all discussions civil, as per the Forum rules. Think before you post, and proof-read it before hitting the "Submit" button to avoid any unexpected PMs from the Mods.
  8. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So tell me please, where is the freaking schedule for this? one week, two weeks, one month, six months?? no one knows...

    I wonder what will satisfy you?
  9. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    i agree, all flaming, direct or in-direct will cease as of this point. Otherwise , I will not have any problem closing the thread and give a time out by sending the next flamer to Banlandia, who ever it may be.

    Lets get this back onto a calm rational conversation, not one pushing each others button.

  10. kentamayo

    kentamayo Newbie

    Okay, Imma stop now... hehe

    one last opinion... maybe this thread should be closed before anything gets out of hand.
  11. kingvortex

    kingvortex Well-Known Member

    What will satisfy you? An update from HTC saying they don't know when it will be released? It will be on their site when it's ready and not before.
    As a software engineer, why didn't you check the SW version before buying a Hero? There are plenty of 1.6 or even 2.0 devices out there that you could have purchased.
    Again, HTC are under no obligation to release an update for the Hero. None. They are working on it, so be glad of that.
    I too want the update, mainly for the Bluetooth functionality it will bring, but I can wait, without stamping my feet and shouting "NOW NOW NOW!!":D
  12. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    When I purchased my Hero, 1.5 was the latest version!

    I knew than, that updates will come and that as opposed to other OSs and devices, we will be able to update and enjoy latest software and ROMs.
    I believed that HTC will create updates for their phones, and that those updates will enable us to enjoy the product.

    I was surprised to see that 1.6 is not released (no voice search, navigation and more) but was happy to see the twitt regarding jumping to 2.0.

    BUT that was 2 months ago, and still no news regarding any updates! instead we have posts where people are guessing when this update will come.

    I believe in customers power, and I don't think we will get anything if we just sit and wait. Instead of turning your frustration to HTC, you turn it on me. I guess some people like to be passive.
  13. Elpelco

    Elpelco Well-Known Member

    Dear me but you do seem to have a HECK of a lot of spare time on your hands. Normally I don't waste my time replying to such rabid fanboyishness but this is too ludicrous to ignore. So, I shall go point by point.

    1. HTC doesn't owe us any new android updates.

    2. The Hero has Android 1.5 PLUS HTC sense, so OF COURSE it's going to take a little longer to get it out to us.

    3. Smartphones are NOT judged on 'cool apps.' They are also judged on design, ease of use, and speed, to name a few things.

    4. Who are you to say that HTC doesn't care about its customers?

    5.Why are you taking this so personally AND so seriously? WAIT and have some patience. Methinks that even when we get 2.1, you won't be happy beacuse by then something else will have caught your attention.

    6. 'I did not say give us 2.0 or die regarding HTC (you should practice your reading comprehension a bit, nothing to be ashamed of)

    HTC hero should get 2.0 or it will die - as in thrown to the garbage '

    Saying 'something something or die' is generally interpreted that way, and not the way you said. So perhaps it is you who needs to brush up on reading comprehension.
    Alos the Hero is a great phone even without 2.1. Why throw your toys out the cot over this? I'm sure there are other use for that white hot rage of yours.

    7. 'I find it funny that people agreed to pay $600+ for a device and are so blind to what's going on around them...

    ...I find it funny that people agreed to pay $600+ for a device and are so blind to what's going on around them'

    See point #2. I'd rather have a finished operating system than a buggy one released a little quicker because of impatience. I am quite happy to wait.

    8. 'Believe me that I know how the software business works'
    I find that so very hard to believe. What reason do you have to think that HCT isn't working on it? Why so much bile?

    9. 'Why did you buy Android in the first place? it seems you are not the typical user. I thought my fellow users will be technical enthusiasts like me, people who like to get the latest version of everything and are not afraid to try new things'

    Um...who are you to say who the 'typical user' is? To me, the typical Android user is someone who likes a fun phone, and is fairly laid back about the whole thing, NOT, for example, some shrill entitlement beast, but that's just my opinion. Some people prefer iphone type functionality, some are happy with Nokia's simplicity.

    10. 'but as soon as you write anything against HTC here, an army of followers who kiss their feet just because they gave HTC Hero to us, will start accusing you in treachery'

    It's not what you're saying, it's the way you're saying it, in the manner of a spoiled child denied sweets. WHY are you so angry and bitter about this?

    Out of interest, why did you get a Hero?

    11. 'I believe in customers power, and I don't think we will get anything if we just sit and wait. Instead of turning your frustration to HTC, you turn it on me. I guess some people like to be passive'

    As opposed to, say, emailing HTC and asking when 2.1 is coming out? You have done that, right?
  14. Howie

    Howie Android Expert

    I really don't know many companies that DO lay out their roadmap.

    What would tell you that you bought the Hero with 1.5 and would receive upgrades? I bought a BlackBerry 8100 and it didn't really receive much... just a replacement model of 8120.

    Why are you here yelling at all these people like this instead of taking it directly to HTC? I agree that it would be NICE to receive the upgrade, but it is not mandatory for them to do. Voice your desire to HTC. That is how things get done, not on forums!
  15. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    Maybe HTC have had problems. From what I've seen 2.x has many new features including rotating home screens - it could be possible that Sense needs a huge rework.

    Who knows, maybe Motorola have an exclusivity period with 2.x...

    Or maybe HTC just don't see it as a priority to upgrade a perfectly good already fully functional phone.
  16. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got a lot of spare time on my hands?!
    This is the longest post i ever seen in any forum. This is a guinness record here!

    But unfortunately, Elpelco, you were late for class today. We already discussed all those points.

    So tell me something new please.
  17. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The first reasonable response here.
    It's all PRIORITIES
  18. Elpelco

    Elpelco Well-Known Member

    sure, it was a long post. Seen longer, didn't take me very long. If you notice, most of the text was your rantings.

    And, No, everyone ELSE was discussing them, you were ignoring the points raised.

    I ask again: Have you contected HTC to ASK when they're releasing 2.1 for the Hero? it's a simple question, yes or no answer.
  19. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You really think that a single person's email is better than public vibes?
    Ever heard of power to the people?

    come on, we're all customers, we all paid for this, we all should be treated as such.
  20. rankorn

    rankorn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No, but I guess you did, and was happy with the answer:
    "It will be released soon"
  21. Bunjiweb

    Bunjiweb Android Enthusiast

    When will this thread ever end or be closed......Rankorn, consumer power has effect, but not from brewing on a forum like this with a users immature foundation laid out with wild accusations and bitter arguments.

  22. quantumrand

    quantumrand Android Expert

  23. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    cant we all just get along ....
  24. Elpelco

    Elpelco Well-Known Member

    So...you're complaining about no realease date when you haven't even email them to ask? Alrighty then.

    And no, I didn't, beacause I'm happy to wait.

    Gotta ask again, why are you being so bitter about this situation? :thinking:
  25. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    Alrighty then, thread closed. it has gone beyond its original intent.

    Move along people.


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