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Another How to Prevent "Security Error Morning call cannot be verified"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrcullers, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. mrcullers

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    Another bricking experience.

    A few minutes ago I downloaded App2ROM and moved all system applications back to their ROM space. I got a notice that a couple of application may not run in their original ROM space. I think like 4 of them said that. But I went ahead and moved all of them anyway just to see what happens. The application said that it would do a restart when finished. However, Apps2ROM crashed right at the end. I restarted Apps2ROM to see what was going on and it appeared that all apps were moved. When I manually restarted I got the ole "Security Error Morning call cannot be verified", again. So I put it in emergency mode, when it completed, it restarted as if the problem never existed. Put in my password, and ran Apps2ROM. I noticed there was only 1 application now in both user space and system space. This culprit was Google Chrome. And of course it crashes when starting now so I have to start over with a restore cause the ones that gave me warning wont work now as it said they may not. I was warned and I didn't listen.

    Again, I know what I know because of 30 years of breaking shat.

    Lesson: When it says this application may not work when moved to system ROM one better listen. Hehehe :)

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