Another iPhone User Contemplating an Android Phone - S3 or One X?


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I was using a Samsung Windows CE phone at 56K speed many many years ago browsing the net. Then when the iPhone 3G came out I gave it a try and "fell in love" with it. Easy to use, no bugs/viruses/malware, etc. And jailbreaking it gave me the additional flexibility that a power user craves. However, I'm beginning to get "the itch" to try something to make sure I really have the best device for me.

I'm not a "fanboy" of any particular brand device. I think iOS devices are great but you won't see me standing in a line a block line in front of the Apple Store. I've got Windows PCs, as with Win7 I can finally not be embarassed to say I'm a Windows User - you get a long more hardware for your buck. (This is coming from someone who use to be a Network/PC Admin for many years.)

But will say I AM a HUGE Google fan. I'm an Internet Consultant by living so it is my job to stay up-to-date with all things Net. I am throuroughly impressed with the dept and breadth of all things Google. They really are poised to "take over the world" in my opinion and hopefully provide a seamlessly intregrated set of solutions for any task you may have from e-mail , to document collaboration, to watching movies, to parking your car.

So I'm thinking to myself if I really do believe the world is headed toward a "Google World" then why am I walking around with an iPhone? Well, it just works, for one thing. And in my older age with two kids, I have less and less time to be tinkering with all our devices, customizing the O/S, troubleshooting issues, etc.

But the things I've read about both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X have got me REALLY curious. Plus I really have a very bad taste in my mouth left from when Apple removed Siri from my iPhone 4 in order to sell more 4S'. That was the definition of the word LAME. I'm due for an AT&T contract renewal (have several contracts so I can't really switch carriers), so do I wait for an iPhone 5, or do I stay true to my convictions and switch to a Google/Android product? I would be really curious to hear people's opinions who have used both iPhone and the S3 or HTC One.

First regarding the phone choice, I'm leaning toward HTC One as the display does better outside in video reviews I've watched, it's cheaper, and the HTS Sense interface seems nicer. But the SD card option and larger battery on the S3 ARE very attractive. I think the S3 is better for the true power use that wants the latest/greatest. 32GB of memory is plenty for me though. I could still be talked into the S3.

Assuming Android is now "solid" I can't really think of any major reason I will miss iOS? The only one I can think of is lack of docking options, such as many cars interface directly with the iPhone. I have one on my car, 3rd party, but it crapped out so I'm back to using the analog aux input anyway. But for instance my vacation home has an ELAN whole house audio and you can dock and iPhone/Pod then control it with the screens in the house. But I can use a separate iPod for that. Airplay? I see Android has plenty of Airplay apps so you can stream to Airport Express, etc. It looks like MediaMonkey will sync with Android, no problem?

I've seen some complaints from IOS users, the most frequent seems to be complaints about the keyboard isn't as good/responsive. But I would imagine a lot of complaints can be phone model specific and there's always some frustration when you are learning any new system.

Will I be happy with Sense 3 or should I be loading some custom overlay that works better than either Sense 3 or Touchview 4? So many questions. Might as well just get the device, try it and return it if I don't like it and just keep my iPhone for a while in case I want to go back. Hate the unknown though.


I am the only person in my family to own android and I like it a lot better.... The thing about iphone is the UI is the exact same for any phone. You can pick up your friends and know how to use it with ease.. As for android EVERYTHING is customizable even without rooting. You can make it your phone, customize it on your interests and it will be like no other phone in the world wich I really like.. You can choose between different launchers, txt apps, widgets, and the best part almost anything you need to customize your phone is available and free. Plus I have a lot of respect for Google and I know that they will continue to innovate your message was to long to read the whole thing but as for phone choice I'm getting the s3, I like the bigger screen, it's 10x more powerful, twice as fast, has 2 days battery life, clear screen. One thing about android is at times it lags.. But apparently jelly bean will get it working on par with ios as in smoothness.