Another messed up Marquee post

Hey everyone. New here but not to rooting and ROM'ing. I've successfully rooted and ROM'ed a couple LG phones, a Nook Color, a Nook Tablet, two Kindle Fire 2's, a Kindle Fire HD, and a Viewsonic G-tablet and in 30 minutes managed to brick this nice little Marquee that I talked my neighbor down to $20. Actually kinda embarrassed!

Didn't have service (Sprint version) as I was using Google Voice and Talkatone to use it as a free wifi phone. Had it just a couple days when I decided to do all the reading I could but came across Framaroot to root it (which it did no problem). But lazy me decided to take the easy route to install CMW and attempted via ROM Manager. I totally should've known... I admit my ignorant mistake and now it's stuck at the LG logo screen.

I didn't install Windows drivers for the Marquee as I rooted and attempted CMW wirelessly (which I totally knew better... just got lazy because it was late)

I've tried every configuration of pressing buttons to boot into recovery to no avail. Just before rebooting, ROM Manager did say that CMW was installed. After that, it never fully booted... can't get into anything!

From what I've read, there's not really much else I can do but is it possible to ship it back to the factory and have it fixed?? I only ask because even though I've had it only 2 days, I actually kinda like this phone. The display is beautiful and it has a lot more features and space than my Optimus S.