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Feb 2, 2011
DeLand, Fl
i dont know if it me or this phone but i seem to be having a lot of problems... this time it acts like my usb is plugged in at all times in the top corner i have the usb debug on and the usb storage. tried everything i can to get it to go away; restart, plug in, unplug, etc. help!!
factory reset the phone

Applications>Settings>Privacy> Factory data reset>Reset phone (this will erase all phone data, except ones on SD card)
the phone was a manfacture defective phone so i got a new one. yay (sarcastic) i have to remove bloatware and get the logmein program i got from a friend for free again to my phone GRRRRR
What's with all these defective phones lately? Hope my shit doesn't turn out to be bad too.

I am having some of the same worries. I tested out an Indulge for 7 days before returning it. In the beginning it was awesome, but it started doing a couple weird things toward the end of the 7 day period. I was wondering if others were having any issues as well.

Read ickster's comments in a related thread, and my reply a few posts down from his (and let's continue this conversation over there):

I had to return my phone yesterday. It was acting up with regularity. I got disconnected twice. Twice the screen locked up and could only be fixed by shutting it down. I had to take it in when the computer would not see it. I had the previously reported resets. Just generally acting hinky all the time.

And what prompted me returning it yesterday was the fact that I could not pull down my notifications bar unless I opened the keyboard first. This was happening no matter what I did reset-wise.

The actually gave me a new one (I think)! It wasn't in a box, but had all the protective stickers and was pristine.
I still like the phone. Especially after researching the alternatives.
yeah my usb driver guy was coming in and out and then when i turned off the phone i could not turn it back on without it being plugged in now i got a new one thank goodness for the warranty but if i keep having these problems i will buy a little wifi thing from sprint or something and use my magic jack everywhere i go... the only phone i dont have trouble with
My phone has been doing the same thing since I was able to charge the battery in a dock as opposed to using the charger cable (which won't work because my USB port is fried). The USB connection prompt always comes up and goes away. I even clicked connect one time to see what it did, and the Android USB guy turned orange... Wacky stuff.

I should get my phone tomorrow. Apparently they had to order me a new one, and that takes three days. I have been assured it will be a new unit. Oooh, I can't wait.