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Another SD card question - Need Help Please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chris T, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Chris T

    Chris T Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If this is a double post, I'm sorry. I thought I posted first message, but as soon as I hit enter it took me to main forum page:thinking:

    Anyhow.... I'm running FE19 rooted, with CWM and Link2sd.

    My question is: What did I do wrong and how can I do it correctly?

    I got a new 32gb Sandisk Ultra MicroSD card. Obviously I couldn't wait to try it out.... Shut down phone, went into cwm, took old card out of phone, copied all files on it to a new file on the computer (which is running windows7 64bit).

    Put new card in phone while still in cwm, formatted card, partioned it using largest available amount (4096?). Took card out of phone, put it in pc and copied all files that I had just posted. Put card back in phone, mounted sd card and ext. rebooted. My programs that are on sd card don't show. (along with freezes that darn update notice). Look at sd card and it shows all files. Go into settings/storage and it shows total space 25.90 gb, available space 25.49 gb/ internal storage 73.50 mb (that's not right is it?).

    Rebooted phone, went back into cwm, wiped dalvik, made sure sd card was mounted and rebooted. Same thing. I must be doing something wrong. I just don't know what....

    Would appreciate any help. Don't want to put new card in hubby's phone until I can figure out how to make mine work correctly.

    Oh, could the problem be that when I partitioned old card it was set at a lower partition?

    I didn't format old card yet. (Thank goodness) But sure would like to use new one instead.

    Update: Put old card back in phone and apps still aren't loading???Now I know I missed something. It's not reading either card when I reboot. It's got to be something I need to do in cwm, right? or do I need to start over on reinstalling aps?

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  2. vce2005

    vce2005 Android Expert


    I am not familiar with the Link2SD...... but here is what I would try :

    1. Put the old card back in and boot in CWM......
    2. Do a Backup in clockwork.....put the new partitioned and formatted card in and do a restore in CWM.


    1. Put the old card back in, boot all the way up, use Titanium Backup and do a full backup
    2. Copy the TitaniumBackup.apk and the Titanium Backup Folder from the old card to your new partitioned and formatted card
    3. Start up, install the TitaniumBackup.apk file, do a restore .

    Not sure if that works, since I don't know which ROM you are using and I am not familiar with Link2SD, but it should work either way.,..,,.

    PS: The free version of Titanium Backup works just fine..... however, if you do a restore, you get prompted for each app to install it, while the paid version is a 1Click deal ! ;)

    Good luck....
  3. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Android Enthusiast

    I have had a similar experience. Now I can't guarantee this will be a solution, but it may prove to be one.

    The long version

    A while back, I was using a custom kernel and ROM on my Prevail. The purpose of them was to use my SD card as my "internal storage". The reason for that, is because the internal storage on the Prevail is terrible. When you first turn on a Prevail, there should be about 110 MB of available internal storage (there are apps on the Play market that aren't even that small!). This wasn't supposed to work like app2sd, where it automatically moves as much of an app as possible to an SD card (if the app is even compatible). This was supposed to have a partitioning of the SD card completely replace the internal storage. I was excited because I had just gotten a 32 GB SD card for my Prevail and would finally not have to worry about storage. So I got my new kernel and ROM working, and changed my storage to the sd card, and restarted my phone. But it wouldn't start. It just stayed on the booting image, even for hours if I would let it.

    I was worried I ruined my phone. But when I would retry the process, and reinstall the ROM and kernel it would start up again. It only wouldn't work if I changed the internal storage to the SD card. But then I thought back to a previous experience. I had another Samsung phone a few years ago, the Gravity 2. Now, it would accept and use my 16 GB SD card, but it would make my phone very glitchy, especially when it came to using that storage. So I applied that experience to the Prevail. I changed my 32 GB SD card for a class ten 16 GB SD card, and voila! That did the trick.

    The short version

    So, my suggestion, would be to try a smaller sized card instead. Depending on the size, make sure to not partition too much space. I wouldn't partition more than half the size of the card. Above all, I would recommend you use a class 10 card. If you don't know how to tell, look at the card. If you see something like a number inside of a letter C, that would be what class it is. It will most likely either be class 4, 6, or 10.

    If that does the trick, then sorry you had to buy the 32 GB card first.
  4. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Android Enthusiast

    Oh yes, vce2005 said what I forgot to say. DON'T FORGET YOUR cwm BACKUP!
  5. vce2005

    vce2005 Android Expert

    Hi Savage,

    well, I got a 32GB/class 10 card and it works just perfect in My prevail with CTMod368 and Koumakernel set to DATA !
    I also have an older 16GB/class 6 card, which I couldn't get to work on two different Prevails, using the same steps to root and install..... However, some older 8 and 4GB cards worked fine..... Just not this one 16GB card.....

    So I don't think it has to do with the size of the card at all..... I think it might be which manufacturer of the cardd and how he card was partitioned and formatted..... CWM partitioning and formatting obviously works great, but maybe not on "every" card.
    But I do love my 32GB card, can't wait till I get my paws on a 64GB one ! ;)
  6. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    You may want to consider CTMod 3.68 and use Hroark13's sd partitioning tool. You have more control over partition sizes and the op has pretty cut and dry instructions on what to do depending on what you want.
  7. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

    Couple of things things:
    1. When using links2sd it doesn't move the whole /data partition to the sdcard so the extra speak well not show up.

    if you open the links2sd app it should show the available space.

    2.when you copy your sdcard to the computer, it doesn't copy the partition you created. This is because it is in Linux format and windows cant read it.

    3.links2sd is a more complicated way of moving the apps to the sdcard (more complicated for the phone) but in the settings of the app there should be an option to 'recreate symlinks' which should make the original card's apps show. But as far as the new card, it would be easiest for you to reinstall your apps.

    Hope this clears up a few things, and if not... Feel free to ask any other q's and maybe someone with more experience with that app can chime in

    Edit- got distracted... Others HAVE already replied. But none the less
  8. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Android Enthusiast

    vce, you're probably right. Then I guess my point would just have to be to try a different card. And while its nice to feel like there's a fancy class ten card being used, it doesn't mean anything unless the card works with the device.
  9. Chris T

    Chris T Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for all the replies! I finally got it working. Actually managed to get the dreaded lock screen on mine and then to make matters worse... My USB port stopped working. Arghh. Thought about what happened to hubby's phone and all I could think of was oh (*&#.... But, i decided to go ahead and use cwm to factory reset and clear cache (+ other settings) and fortunately, usb port was restored and I was able to reinstall odin, cwm, etc...

    So, this led me to believe I could do the same thing to hubby's phone to get his usb port working again :) -no such luck. I had all of about 1/2 hour to get everything reinstalled and new card working before he had to go to work. (thank again LordVincent for walking me through that before, made it much easier when I had to do it again).

    As far as the card. Just an fyi, I formatted using settings menu on phone (storage, unmount sd card and erase sd card). For good measure reformatted again when I went back into cwm, and then partitioned again at highest setting. rebooted and all is well...

    savage shadows: I like my fancy new card :D, but thank you for the suggestions. I can always go back to the smaller card if these give us problems.

    Now I get to use our old cards on my new toy: samsung galaxy mp3 player 5.0 - Love this thing!! Just like the prevail, except bigger screen and no phone (uses usb and wifi). That was my thank you from hubby for getting his phone running again last time....

    vce2005: I almost forgot to set his to data, but then remembered from the last CTMOD install that I should do that. And I agree about the 64g, thought about getting those, but then thought we probably won't ever fill up these - so why pay the extra money, and the price difference was kind of steep. I did actually try to restore backup using cwm, but it was giving me bad system errors. Not sure why. And this was with the original card with all the data still on it.

    kdraw44: I have that saved as backup in case he isn't happy with halfass...

    Thanks again for all the replies and ideas. I will probably refer back to this a few times as a refresher since I usually make the same mistake at least twice :rolleyes:

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