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Another Update after 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Z3US, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hello guyz i just got updated my phone again and i can't find what has been updated.I already updated it before to 2.1.And now when when i connected my phn to my laptop pc comp. showed another update...and i don't know what is in that update..:(

    Anyone else got that...???

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  2. KTP

    KTP Android Enthusiast

    it will just be short fixes, nothing you'll notice
  3. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    What is the build number in settings?
  4. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Baseband - 2.0.49
    Kernel version - 2.6.29
    Build no. - 2.0.2.A.0.24
  5. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    It's the new update then, you probably updated to 504 before, and now you're obviously at .24
  6. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Any change xcept change in numbers???
  7. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    is this the multitouch upgrade??
  8. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    New baseband and a few fixes.
    Not yet no.
  9. Bullitt_McQueen

    Bullitt_McQueen Well-Known Member

    I'm on. 504 - didn't realise there was an update to it.

    Z3US: did the update wipe your phone?
  10. spikeithard

    spikeithard Android Expert

    when is x10 getting a 2.2 update or higher??? any news

    also... am i up to date??? let me know please...

  11. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    fixes like can u name them..???
  12. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

  13. Wisenos

    Wisenos Android Enthusiast

    so is .504 up to date or not?
  14. Z3US

    Z3US Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    no .24 is d the latest version i think.
  15. Bullitt_McQueen

    Bullitt_McQueen Well-Known Member

    I tried to update to .24 with PC companion last night but it kept stalling halfway through. Is this because I've rooted? I saw on XDA that there's a method for rooting .24 - does this mean that I will have to unroot to get SW updates?

    I'm not too savvy on rooting in general.
  16. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    Okay, I deleted my original messaging app by mistake and after trying various methods went to SEUS. That took care of it but also upgraded it. 24; now I lost rooting of course.

    Should I just wait until rooting becomes available for this? I would like to be able to use TB and get rid of some bloatware.

    Thanks much. :)
  17. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    Hey Charlyee how you doing!? Just seen this a couple of posts down which might help

  18. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

  19. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    aha, rosered to the rescue, I should have looked sorry about that.All done and doing very well now that everything works well. :)

    Thank you very much.
    Thank you very much MrWomble, this will come in useful the next time I get delete happy. :D

    PS: My hot pink case fell apart and now I put the black one on. My Sultry Sony is now Serious Sony. Lol
  20. Bullitt_McQueen

    Bullitt_McQueen Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, sorry but can you help me with this?

    I'm on .504 and have rooted using Z4 root. I have Titanium Backup. To get .24 do I need to to reset my phone back to factory, update to .24 then use one of the methods above to root again?

    Thanks guys,
  21. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    You will have to unroot and update, then to re-root you will have to use the above methods since Z4 won't work anymore
  22. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    Mine was rooted and when I connected to SEUS, it upgraded and unrooted it. Interestingly it didn't wipe out any of my user settings or apps.

    Btw, how does SE number their updates? Why is .24 higher than .504? :thinking:
  23. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    Rooting doesn't affect the ability to use SEUS so no need to unroot.
  24. Bullitt_McQueen

    Bullitt_McQueen Well-Known Member

    I've been given mixed advice regarding the need to unroot prior to updating to .24.

    So, after repeated failed attempts to update with both SE PC Companion and SE Update Service (the process would get to within a MB of downloading the update and then just stall with both applications, although my rooter would be still flickering away), I decided to back up everything via Titanium, reset the phone to factory, and try the update again.

    Same result.

    Checked my firewall settings to see if that was causing the issue, but both applications are set up to allow bi-directional access to my PC.

    Gave up in the end and flashed 'back' to .504, rooted etc.

    What a nightmare...
  25. caroma22003

    caroma22003 Lurker

    my advice do not install the update cause u r not going to use the root any more, i did update for my X10i doing well but i lost the root even i tried several types of App. but I got nothing. Now I'm waiting for any new root App.

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