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Another "What should I buy" thread...

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Sharrock03, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Sharrock03

    Sharrock03 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I'm a n00b to this forum, and I apologize in advance if everyone is sick of these kinds of topics, but I'd like to ask the experts on here their opinion.

    So I had a Blackberry Storm with a new Verizon contract almost 20 months ago. About halfway through the contract I realized that the BBS was lacking, so I decided to hold out and get an iPhone 4 when it came out on Verizon. I really liked it at first, but the constant syncing through iTunes, the jailbreaks not being up to snuff, and the general "lockdown" feeling I get from iOS has decided that maybe I should officially join the Android camp. I'm eligible for an upgrade tomorrow (and I think I get a discount since I signed up for a new contract before Verizon axed the New Every Two program) and I'm thinking about taking advantage.

    Now obviously the Droid Bionic just came out, and it seems to be a mighty powerful phone that I might enjoy. I can go out and get this bad boy ASAP, but I've heard mixed things about the screen, camera, and design. I also heard of the Droid Prime and HTC Vigor. I know the latter two run at a higher clock speed (at least rumors say that), but if I can overclock the Bionic to those speeds then I'd still be well ahead of the game.

    So I ask you, should I wait until the Prime or Vigor are officially announced? Or go all in on the Bionic? I'm open to all suggestions or anything you can tell me about the Bionic, Prime or Vigor, because like I said I'm not super familiar with Android.

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  2. glfr

    glfr Lurker

    I'd stay away from HTC, their quality is spottier than others. Samsungs are pretty decent in general.
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Try checking if HTC works in your country. For some reason, 3 HTC made phones simply refuse to work on mobile internet in my country, no matter how I set it up (Hero, Nexus 1, Desire S). Samsungs work almost immediately out of the box
  4. I've had a Nexus One since February 2010 and it's worked beautifully now for over a year and a half. Well, I did drop it last year, actually, so I'm using a replacement.

    HTC was easy to deal with regarding the replacement--give them your credit card, the new phone arrives with a return box for the old phone, and once they receive the old phone it's $100.

    The N1 is still a stand-out phone, even though its specs have been exceeded by some newer models. Even the excellent Nexus S is crippled by the inexplicable lack of a microSD slot. If they put the slot back into the Nexus Prime, that's going to be my possible next phone 'round about Xmas.

    Since you're interested in a state of the art handset, I would recommend sticking with your iPhone for a while and wait for some of these new models such as the Bionic, the Prime, and the Galaxy 3 to get into circulation. The iPhone 5 is coming out in a few months, too, and it should shake things up a bit. Enjoy!

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