another which phone question


I currently have the Behold 2 from samsung for tmobile and I have rooted/flashed roms and I like it but after seeing my friends phones with android 2.X I want more.(especialy when i watch my friends play angry birds and its so smooth but my phone is super choppy, not to mention i cant download xconstruction) I just want to know if I should go with what tmobile has out right now or will it be worth it to wait for something new like the new galaxy s? I like bells and whistles but dont really want to sacrifice performance. Or maybe someone could point me in the direction of a place with legit info on upcoming phones and info on the processors because hummingbird and orion, and snapdragon is all way over my head but I want to know about it? Also is unlocking phones for other carriers still something people do and are there any issues with it specifically for android phones?
Thanks for the help