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Antenna and headphones for Panasonic TH-42PZ85U

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Rgarner, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. Rgarner

    Rgarner Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Somebody I know got this set, which is supposed to be brand new, never used, by helping somebody move. (The other choice was 75 bucks.) He now has a replacement remote and it comes on ok but no channels. What antenna should he get and are there headphones for him to be able to listen without bothering anyone else? I guess it has everything else, the base and instruction manual. Would wifi help? He was supposed to get it but apparently Larry the cable guy never showed.

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  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
    VIP Member

    It's a TV @Rgarner? Just checking.
    Depends on how he lives. If he owns the house maybe something for the roof. Renting, I'm not sure. I bought an indoor antenna that meets the new specs, but having cable I haven't used it yet.
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  3. Rgarner

    Rgarner Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It's a February 2008 plasma tv. He is renting. It's going to be that cheap wifi if Larry shows up tomorrow. It's maybe $10 per month. He's going nuts waiting for it.
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  4. Rgarner

    Rgarner Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    We called the remote people and he now has almost 70 channels, all digital. This is without wifi. Maybe there will be even more with it.
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  5. Madd61

    Madd61 Well-Known Member

    I have a 2011 model year Panasonic G30 Plasma. (on sale half price early 2012).
    It's still absolutely fantastic picture wise, though they had some quirks like EPG listings without being able to view the current program, needed a dedicated Panasonic usb adapter to get wifi (I doubt your 2008 model can use wifi,) I didn't get it but use a cheap Chromecast device now (by GOOGLE!), it only records to a usb drive in a proprietary file format that only works on that TV (or maybe H.264)
    I'll look at your model in the morning (UK) Are you getting channels thru Satellite / Cable or Digital over the air with an antenna.

    Still plenty of info out there on old models.
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  6. Madd61

    Madd61 Well-Known Member

    Panasonic Product Support - TH-42PZ85U

    ^ It doesn't have WIFi, a headphone jack or Bluetooth. I can't remember if you can get a headphone adapter for other outputs, check tomorrow. a used Chromecast 1, 2 or 3 should be under $20?

    I see it has a digital tuner (ATSC), you're lucky to get so many channels in 2021 but you may get more.

    Just a warning about plasma TV's. To avoid picture damage don't move them, tilt them, carry them or shift them unless you have to, and then keep them upright. It's probably alright even if you played basketball with it before transporting it, but the plasma / gases stuff that make up the pixels can get permanently upset, iirc.

    ^ There's a manual in there a well.
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  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    This set?
    According to the specs it doesn't have a headphone jack, and no Bluetooth either. So don't know what you can do for headphones there. BTW the power consumption of this TV is apparently 573 Watts. Plasmas can be quite power hungry, even more than an old CRT set. And plasma TVs are no longer manufactured.
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  8. Madd61

    Madd61 Well-Known Member

    It's too old for USB input as well, so not sure at the moment if you can get a Chromecast or wifi via the *HDMI or composite inputs.*
    Nice that it has Full HD / 1080p in 2008. I thought it would be 720p max.

    ** duh - meant audio outputs
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  9. Rgarner

    Rgarner Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I believe that's it. He'll probably just leave it where it is. Since electricity is included in rent he at least won't be paying money to run it. Isn't it funny how people tend to discount the other, not directly monetary costs of energy use, such as harming the planet and life, etc.. Anyway, how can someone staying there and not wanting to listen avoid the sound? Is there some kind of headphone that would block it?
  10. Madd61

    Madd61 Well-Known Member


    Your friend may be lucky that is has Analogue audio output as well as digital (2 sockets for left and right channels). You should be able to buy a cheap adapter cable for this (cheaper than the gold one in the article). I can't be certain it will work or your friend will get full volume but they're as advertised.


    I use wired headphones on my TV at home and when away so a 3 meter headphone extension lead is an essential for about about $3+ or a dollar shop.

    There will be a pc audio 3.5mm input socket that looks like a headphone jack.

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