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Antenna Locations

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by Droidiam, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Droidiam

    Droidiam Member
    Thread Starter

    I have two signal "boosting" stickers and I can't figure out were the best place to put them on the Droid X and the Fascinate, you know, closest as possible to the antenna. Anybody know?


  2. smaggs

    smaggs Newbie

    Haven't heard of this before. Did a quick search and seems to be controversial as to if they work or not. Have you any first hand experience with them yet? They sounds neat
  3. Ferrari353

    Ferrari353 Well-Known Member

    Those things don't do anything. They are just a scam. I mean think about it, if phone manufacturers could increase signal strength just by adding a $3 sticker, don't you think they would do it? You're wasting your time by trying to use them and you may even decrease signal strength.
  4. Droidiam

    Droidiam Member
    Thread Starter

    O yah I checked alot of reviews....NONE of them positive lol. Owell i only spent $1 for 2 stickers. Not meaning to get off topic but does anyone know anything about getting a signal booster, tower, or anything? Im new to this and the place I'm moving to has low signal.
  5. Ferrari353

    Ferrari353 Well-Known Member

    They work but they're like 300 dollars...
  6. locus

    locus Member

    Antennas need power to work a sticker is a scam
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