Anti-Samsung publicity campaign


Android Enthusiast
Not happy with samsung? Now is the time to express it. I am loota from the samsung transform ultra forums here at androidforums and we are launching a publicity campaign to get what we paid for.

Samsung has set a precedent in the business world world that has undermined our ability to seek justice in the legal realm so we're fighting back in the public opinion realm. Samsung has inserted a clause in their warranty stating that if you do not express your intent to file a class action lawsuit within the first 30 days of owning your phone you will be ineligible to seek one. No lawyer is going to sue a corporation for just one person so this severely hinders our consumer rights.

In the case of the samsung transform ultra our touch screen is not working properly and we would like it fixed.

Please join us in bringing the wrath of scorned consumers home to samsung on their facebook page and everywhere else you see fit. If you are not a samung user this still affects you, other companies will follow suit if they have not already in limiting your consumer rights.

A suggested format would be "Do not buy samsung because..."

Please spread the word to friends, family and other forums.