Anti theft app for experia z3


Hello every one.. my teen ager son has Sony experia z3 . And i would like to put a monitoring app in his telefon. I have already tried many but most of them has a mailware since he has Avast antivirus. So i got an idea to use anti theft app. Can some one Recomend an app for me please ? But it should be :
1- 100% un detectable
2- he Cannot remove it unless i do it because i have the Admin rights.
3 - no mailware so the Avast can detect.


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If he already has Avast on his phone then why not install Avast's Anti-Theft. Once installed and set up it is hidden, but will be accessible from Avast itself so you will need to set/change pin to access Avast so your son can't access it at all. Commands can then be issued via Web or another phone, although you will need to have Avast + Anti-Theft installed on your phone as well to be able to send commands unseen to your son's phone. Not that I am condoning this in this case, as this function is so that if your phone is stolen the thief is unaware you have issued any commands such as Lock, Location and so on.


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It sounds a good idea ..but what can avast anti theft do ?

Can i read the smss ?
Can i see the call logs?
Can i listen to the surround sounds ?


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No to first 2, yes to 3rd one as you can issue a command for phone to call with screen blacked out. It's an Anti-theft app though not a full blown remote spying app.


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The Xperia Z3 has an anti-thft feature called MyXperia already installed; look in Settings/Security. This will let you track the handset at least, but preventing deactivation will require you to configure a "guest account" for your son to use.


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I like Cerberus. You can track the phone, remotely lock and wipe it... and even set it up so that it doesn't appear in the app drawer (accessible by entering a PIN in the dialer). Look into it and see if it will help you.