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can anybody tell me how much I can do with 500 mb of data ? Up here in Canada the data plan are very expensive,the minimum data is 500mb.I am anticipating the arrival of the Milestone in early 2010 and I am going to get it.I was across the U.S last week to play with the Droid and I liked it alot, just like my Laptop.It even looks like a MINI laptop too. I am putting my toy iphone 3g on ebay and hoping a dad will buy it for his 12 yrs old son or daughter. I have no time changing 1 application at a time,even a simple phone call, i have to shut off what I am doing to take the call.Now that I can have a phone with the capability of a laptop, why not? I know, the phone is new and is going to have alot of software issues.Many features obviously begged problems and software updates could and will addresssed all that.When the iphone first came out it had the same issues and look how it turned into?
Given the Droid, with such advanced capability and times it is going to be an amazing device.I bet on my bottom dollar, it is going made the iphone into a inferior product as already is.(I hope 100,000 apps is not going made a perfect phone) Soon the iphone will only be catered to children and young adults.The last time I counted,maybe,10,000 FART apps alone,lol'
Btw,I am sick and embarrassed everytime I used my iphone whether in the airport or elsewhere,kids will come and asked,you've an iphone,can I play with it? Most of the time,I fell like telling the kids to ask their parents to get them the iphone at TOY R US.LOL'
Anybody would like to put more insights on the Droid?I know I still got alot to learn about the phone and that's the best part of all, to see it mature into a perfect phone. I can relate to people that I meet whenever I use my phone to tell them what is so good about it.Maybe, even in technical smartphone jargon that I acquired through this Droid community.Don't you agree?
I think people like the Droid Users are the people who are going to make the Droid a better device by addressing the big and small issues, in this way Motorola can retify any problems it arises.For instances,take the camera issues, you think they like to put out a inferior products? no companies does.You'll see when they update the Camera, it is going to be a very awesome feature,especially!
Sorry that I sound like I have already own the Milestone.It's my ANTICIPATION !!! :thinking:


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500Mb per month is what I have as my data allowance.

For me (and on a Nokia N97 and not a Milestone) I find it's enough get my email pushed to my phone, and do a little web surfing / navigation via 3G.

It's full sized web sites or downloads of music, etc. that are going to gobble your data. An image & styling heavy site can easily take 700k-1Mb per page, I find it's better to visit the mobile or lo-fi versions of sites I use often and save image heavy browsing for WiFi.

I'm never far from a WiFi access point at work and home, so only use 3G data for web browsing when I am on the move. If you tether your phone to a laptop, you can burn through 500Mb very quickly.