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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kayybiitch, Sep 18, 2011.

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    okay, i just got an htc evo shift, most of what i am reading are arguments about what does and doesnt work, i've been told that there are no such things as a virus for android's but when you're able to access an actual website like you do on your computer, the proof is there that you can indeed get a virus, yes everyone should be smart about what they download, where they download it from and the websites they visit. i totally agree, i trust google just as much as everyone else does, i use it on a daily basis for everything, as well as facebook. since i am new to the droid family, i would like to know, what is and isn't the best antivirus protection, the best app killer to make sure my battery lasts as long as possible, right now at 100% it lasts 5 1/2 hours which is okay, i'm used to phones lasting 3 days without having to charge it and that's with calls, texts, facebook, email, etc. my antivirus right now is lookout and i have 2 app killers, close everything and battery dr to save bettery. i am well aware that having these things will decrease battery life, but i like to be protected. so please anyone let me know.

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    I use Lookout and no task killers of any kind. With light use, my phone can last nearly 2 full days. With heavy use, it can be drained in 5 hours. It's not those background apps that drain your battery, it's the display. Best thing you can do for battery is go to Menu->Settings->About Phone->Battery->Battery Use and see what is really draining it and address that. For me, 44% of my battery drain is from my display right this moment.
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    I use Zoner Antivirus for Free, it is simple and it doesnt use up much battery.

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