any app for video direct to cloud in real time?

Anyone know of an app that will upload video taken from your cellphone to a server in real time? I prefer uploading to my personal server but a cloud service is doable if its the only way to do it in real time? I would like to be able to take video with my phone and someone be able to come up and destroy it with a hammer if they want yet I would still have the video back at home.

Before you judge me I'm not out to be a jerk to people with my phone and cause trouble. I've been having some harassment issues going on with an ex and need video for some legal reasons. I plan on the taping being on the "down low" but I want as little room for error as possible. She has threatened to go lie to the police and say I raped her if i dont start talking to her so I would prefer to preemptively catch that on camera and I really don't want something to happen where I lose the video.


share the love peeps ;)
I dont have a technical answer sorry but id suggest you go to the police now and have it on record that youve told them she'd say that :thumbup:
Good luck man. Hate girls like that. Next she'l be tellin u shes pregnant :thumbdown:
Check out Dropbox. Keep in mind that no file can be uploaded until it is complete.

Yep. Dropbox combined with Dropsync can upload your completed photo and/or video files immediately after creation. It needs to be finished. So it is not in real time! Your device needs some time to do the uploading.

OP, you may also want to try out the Foldersync app.