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Jun 21, 2011
Jeffersonville, IN
That we can port TouchWiz Nature UX to this device?

Anyone up for the challenge? After watching many SIII clips yesterday I believe it is one of the things that makes it so smooth.

What do you think?

ok do you kno anything about porting roms or editing files im reanding up on it right now so i can maybe try to port this
i dont think i can port this cause its for ics but if you give me a gingerbread touch wiz rom i may be able to
You guys need to start with finding a phone that has almost the same specs as the transform ultra and take its kernel and modify it to work with ours or modify ours to work with the touchwiz launcher.
Not an easy task, no different from porting Sense/ICS/JB
So same spec'd or your meaning same hardware?

Can't we just piece together parts from different kernels with the same hardware?
Like the part of a kernel for lets say the screen cut that and add it, then add another piece from another kernel with the same cpu... etc.. ???