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Any chance of price drop?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sternesfenris, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Sternesfenris

    Sternesfenris Newbie
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    I am debating this or waiting for the Turbo and see if I like that. While looking at phones I saw they still want $499 for the Droid Maxx :hmmmm2:. I figure the Turbo will still be just as highly priced a while later.

    Do you think Motorola will push a price drop? I'm desperately in need of a phone but I am also very tight on money at the moment, and have to pay out of pocket for this phone. Trying to keep the cost down and would be upset with myself if this dropped $100 in price in a couple weeks.


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  2. apjans

    apjans Newbie

    I doubt the new Moto X will drop in price as quickly as the first generation did. Those sales and price drops were a reaction to the sales not being anywhere close to expectations. While I haven't seen any sales numbers for the new one, everything seems to indicate that its selling well, if not above expectations.
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