Any cheap and realiable replacement for the S Pen?


Does anyone have aby experience or heard of a good replacement pen for the galaxy note. Im looking for one that has all the functions of the S Pen and also can fit inside the pen holder of the note. Thanks in advance.


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The S Pen is not an ordinary capacitive touch pen. Those are the pens that have a large round padded end, a bit like a finger tip and you can get them really cheaply. The S Pen is actually a Wacom passive digitiser, like in graphics tablets used by artists and graphic designers and it's pressure sensitive. It also has a button on the shaft. The size and functionality of the S Pen is unique, but you can get genuine Samsung replacements on eBay for $16-$20 or


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You won't get one to fit inside the pen holder of the Note, be realistic!

But my old Toshiba tablet pen works fine - nay better than the s pen, as the eraser on the top works in s memo! Unfortunately they're not cheap (~