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Any decent cases that will fit 3.6 Player?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Players' started by imtellinya, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. imtellinya

    imtellinya Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all, I got my lad a 3.6 player YP-GS1CB for Christmas, he's only 8 so was looking to get some kind of protective case like the leather wallet type I have for my SII but I can't seem to find ANYTHING!?

    Is the 3.6 player the same size and exterior design as any other device so I could get the case for that?

    I thought maybe the Galaxy ACE but it's a couple of mm different so would probably just fall out of that case.



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  2. smsungal

    smsungal Member

    Hi Rich. This webpage might help you out a bit. It gives you a list of players/phones from the brands available.

    Samsung Tablets

    The link here shows specifically Samsung tablets, so you can go down to where it says SGP 3.6. Hover over that, and there will be a link above where it says Compare. From there, choose the device you'd like to compare your Galaxy 3.6 to. That will give you an idea of how big your device is compared to the others. Hope it helps :)

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