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Any decent media players for TV box?

Discussion in 'Android Media' started by Calab, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Calab

    Calab Well-Known Member
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    I've purchased a couple Android "TV Boxes" and was shocked to learn that none of the supplied software will play media from SMB/Samba/Windows shared network locations. :(

    My boxes are running Android 4.0x, A9 single core at 1Ghz, Mali400 GPU's, 512MB + 8GB or 1GB + 4GB of memory.

    Device 1 link (G-Box Midnight?
    Device 2 link (No idea what model this is)

    Just a few of the apps I've downloaded and tested:
    - XBMC: Used on my PC's, but too heavy for the Android boxes I have.
    - BSPlayer
    - Buzz Player
    - MX Player
    - Mobo Video Player
    - Dice Player
    - Movie Browser HD
    - mVideo Player

    Most of these don't support Windows shares very well, or are not user friendly.

    Are there any decent media player applications that will do the following?
    - Play media located on Windows or Samba shares
    - Provide a simple interface so my kids won't get confused
    - Play video, audio and pictures
    - Possibly link to Netflix and/or YouTube accounts
    - It would be great if it were a "launcher" app

    Basically, I want a launcher type interface that operates like this:
    - I add icons to the main screen.
    - The icon can be associated with one or more local folders and/or windows network shares.
    - The icon can have rules set to show or hide files and folders that..
    - have a specific filename extension (.avi, .mp3, .jpg, etc...).
    - that are hidden.
    - files of a specific type.
    - When the icon is clicked, show the contents of the associated that...
    - Match the rules set up for the icon.
    - Show thumbnails for files or folders, if available. (use folder.jpg for folder icons, for music or video, locate a .jpg/.png/etc. with the same filename as the movie or music file.
    - Allow browsing folders with the same rules as the parent icon.
    Alternately, does Android provide any way to set up a Windows share to look like a locally mounted device? This would make some of the players I've found more workable.

    I know I'm being pretty specific, but I know what my wife and kids want when it comes to watching movies and playing music.

    Any suggestions or ideas are welcome!


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