Any former DX owners now using the Dinc2?


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Anyone using the Dinc2 that swapped from a DX? What is your opinions? Thanks in advance.
Pros - smaller, rounded design fits better in a pocket. FFC which might actually get used someday. Smaller size also makes it a better running companion (MP3/podcast & RunKeeper Pro).

Cons - volume rocker on left inaccessible in car dock, wish the car dock as as stable as the DX's (vibration/bumps make it jumpier). No desk cradle available (yet).

Overall, I'm loving it and haven't looked back to the DX once. Haven't noticed any lag (using LauncherPro as home) and signal strength matches the DX in my experience, which is important to those of us living in a marginal signal area.


I bought the Droid X back when it first came out. Last August I think. I had a few problems with freezing and slowdowns while playing music, but that has since disappeared pretty much. The main complaint for me at least is that it is a big phone, especially once you put a case on it. I used silicone cases at first then I moved to a hard plastic/rubber case. Once you put it into your pocket, if you can get it to fit, you'll notice it sticks out a lot.

If you have no problem with the size, it's a great phone. The battery life and signal strength were fantastic.

I had an upgrade that was available so I used it to get a Droid Incredible 2 at Costco for $100. Not much of an upgrade, more of a switch.

The size of the Droid Incredible 2 is a lot more manageable and more practical to carry around for day to day use. I have noticed the battery life isn't as good as my DX, but I wasn't expecting it to be. The signal strength is usually 1-2 bars less than what I would get in the same places on my DX, but I haven't noticed the difference with respect to actual data speeds.

I wanted to wait until all the new LTE phones came out, but it looks like everything that's already out or coming out are 4.3 inch phones. I've kind of ruled out buying any 4.3 inch phone after using the Droid X.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the switch to the Incredible 2. Hope it can last me awhile. I like the Sense 2.x UI. I used to use Launcher Pro on the DX, and I still might eventually put it on the Incredible 2, but right now I'm pretty happy with Sense. Hopefully it won't be too long before Gingerbread comes out and someone roots it.


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I have the Inc2 and the DX. I honestly like them both. My X is not rooted, but I absolutely can't stand Motoblur, so I use Go Launcher. Sense on the Inc2 is nice just as is, but I have also tried Go Launcher on the Inc2, and it works just fine.

The Inc2 is a nice improvement from the Inc (which I had for a short time) in a very important (to me) way. The call quality is outstanding - nice and loud and perfectly clear. Signal strength seems better and more stable (although you can't judge from the signal bars) than the original Inc too. Of course I've never had a complaint about the call quality or signal strength on the X - both are great.

I like the size and shape of the Inc2 - it's not as clunky and rectangular as the X. It's also a nicer shape than the original Inc - more rounded and smooth.

The X wins hand down in one area that's important to me -- the font size in the native menus and apps on the Inc2 are tiny - way smaller than on the X. I realize that's due in part to the screen size difference, however, the font size in the contacts app, for example, is even smaller than the font size on my Droid Pro, which has a really tiny screen.

If you prefer physical buttons, then you will miss those on the Inc2. I happen to like the virtual menu buttons on the Inc 2 a lot better than the clicky keys on the X.

Battery life is a tad better on the X, although again, battery life on the Inc2 is way better than it was on the original Inc. I have the extended battery, so battery life is never an issue. Even on the stock battery I was getting through the day - I just like that extra insurance.

All in all, the Inc 2 is nice phone. Is it dramatically better than the X? Probably not, unless you really are dying for a front facing camera, or you prefer HTC phones in general. I have not used the ffc yet... so I'm not sure how important it will turn out to be.

Love both phones, but will probably sell the Inc2 while I can still get decent money for it. Or maybe I'll keep it.......... I do really like it!