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Any Ghost Radar Stories?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ThatonedudexP, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. ThatonedudexP

    ThatonedudexP Well-Known Member
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    I know this app is old, but it never gets old. :D I downloaded GR Classic a few days ago and was kinda nervous about what it might say.. :rolleyes: So it was like 2am, and I had the volume really low and was listening for it to say something. Out of nowhere, a red dot appeared right in front of me and it said (louder than the volume was set one :thinking:) "Listen". I was like O.O and quickly pounded the back button. :p Then yesterday, I pulled it up again and was kinda nervous about what it was gonna say, and the first thing it said was "Nervous". :eek: This thing, no matter if you believe it works or not, can be kinda creepy.

    BTW, Getjar.com is giving away the original GR (usually $0.99) for free if you want to check that out. :)

    ANYWAYS, do you have any creepy GR or GR Classic stories? Share all of them here! :D

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