Jul 16, 2010
I know this might be too soon, but I do hope there'll be some really good, snug, and multi-functional cases/stands/covers for the 8.0".

I see positive feedback specifically for this model (pro reviews, customer reviews), so I hope this caches on and attract some good case makers for it.

The particularly thin bezel of the 8.0" might make things a little tricky.
I know samsung has one listed on their website for the 8". I figured I would wait a few weeks to see what other options become available at a reasonable price.
There's several on Amazon but many are not available yet. Kinda peeved as I had ordered one from CrazyonDigital b/c it was cheap and available with Prime, but they later wrote me that it's not actually in stock yet, so I cancelled.

I have my eye on the MoKo Ultraslim (Sorry, no linking as I'm a noob) - the price I think is just a made up one since it's not available yet, the in-stock ones are like $8-15.

The CaseCrown one I have for my Kindle Fire is my favorite but doesn't look like they'll have a version anytime soon.
I know samsung has one listed on their website for the 8". I figured I would wait a few weeks to see what other options become available at a reasonable price.

Yeah, it's a bit pricy but the fit and quality is excellent. I have one for my Tab 2 7.0 and I can tell you that it saved my tablet from a couple of 3 ft falls on to my tile floors at home.

When I registered my Tab 2 7.0 Samsung send me an email offering me 50% any Accessory purchased from their website....I bought the the Tab 2 Book Cover for $25, so it was a great deal. I was hoping that Samsung would make the same offer for registering the Tab 3, but no such luck so far. :(
Anyone who's interested in buying a Samsung cover and is near an hhgreg store, can buy the black or white cover for their 8.0.......they are now available. I'm still waiting for the Blue one I ordered from Samsung over a week ago.
I just bought a MoKo Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Case - Slim-Fit Multi-angle Folio Cover Case for my new Galaxy Tab 3 8, it's a great cover and for $3 (was $12.99) you can't go wrong. Search for model number B00CSPFAV4 at Amazon. It may not cover the whole unit but the corners are protected and the cover holds the unit in place very well. The power button, volume button and all other ports are still accessible. Highly recommended!
I now have 3 cases. I ordered the Samsung book cover case in early July, the same day as my Tab 3, but it was backordered. My new Tab 3 8.0 was pretty slick in my hands, so I found a generic Solo brand case at Staples or Office Max. It held the Tab 8.0 in place with stretchy corner connectors. It was not bad and was a black/brown color that complimented my brown Tab 3. Next was a i-Blason leather case purchased at i-Blason Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Auto Wake / Sleep Slim Folio Book Shell Stand case Cover with Elastic Hand Strap, Stylus Loop & Bonus Stylus (3 Year Warranty) (Black): Computers & Accessories, which was designed to fit this model. Black leather, automatically turned on the tab upon opening the case and a cut out for the rear camera. A nice fit and well padded case. My only issue with it was how long it took for iBlason to ship and deliver it--over 2 weeks. Finally my Samsung Book Cover case arrived today. It fits perfectly and asthetics match the tablet. However, the thin shell provides minimal protection from drops or hard knocks. It does provide a cover around the device, camera slot in back and a fairly stable two position landscape oriented stand. While I like the look and thinness of this case, I am not sure whether I will use it long term due to the minimal drop protection. (Yes, I have dropped tablets in the past--call me a clutz.:p) I like the protection and overall fit and look of the i-Blason, but will give the Samsung a try for the next few days. (I will let the Solo go for half what I paid, if anyone is interested in a generic case.)
Just got my Samsung Tab 3 8.0 (blue) and I love it. Worth every expensive penny of the $39.99 I spent. Fits like a glove and has high quality written all over it.
I agree with suvlady's post. To my mind, the Fintie cover is a great buy. It's a perfect fit and works great. I have one of their covers on my Kindle Paperwhite also. Highly recommend this cover.
Hi guys,

Wonder if anyone can shed some light? I have my GT3 8" in a case, from e-bay. Case affords excellent protection and access.

When I open the case, like a book, my device comes on. When I close the case, like a book, the display goes off. Fine. Saves battery, and saves having to press the power button.

HOWEVER... This I have found a couple of times.. If I fold the cover all the way back (like open a book and fold it back on itself), and operate in that manner, SOMETIMES the screen has gone off (as if powered down/sleep), but when I "unflip/unfold" the case, then the screen illuminates again, and waits for passcode entry.

My guessing???? Is that the magnets in the case are causing the Tab to sleep, when folded back??

Anyone else had this problem??


THIS is the case type:-
Leather Smart Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T310 T311 T315 8 Inch Tablet | eBay