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Any groundbreaking problems?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ethood1999, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. ethood1999

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    Not quite sure if this is an appropriate post for this forum, but I have a question. I always see many of you complaining about problems and not exactly saying how it ended. Sometimes solutions are given and there's no response for the OP. I'm looking into this phone, and as an owner of a completely 100% broken Motorola Rival, I was wondering if there were any similar and/or groundbreaking problems with this phone.

    Some of the issues I experienced with my Motorola Rival was my auto-delete function not working and causing my phone to slow down to the point of turning itself off. Not being able to exit text messages without it turning off. Turning off in the middle of calls. Not charging unless charger wire is placed in some sort of weird formation. Charging screen stayed on even after I unplugged it from my charger. It being stuck on a loop of restarting itself just to restart immediately. Those are just to name a few. And they are definitely groundbreaking.

    If someone asked me about my phone, I wouldn't need to think about it - the phone is crap, I would NOT recommend it, I simply hate it. Does anyone that is a current (or previous) owner of the Fascinate feel like they are any issues similar to this that are groundbreaking? I have never had an Android phone before and as I said before, my previous phone was crap, so it's pretty easy for it to top my current one, but should I wait for better "cheaper" phones to come out on the market? (assuming they will come, because those 4G phones priced at $150-$300 is a bit too much for me at the moment)


  2. vizualeyesit

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    The Fascinate is fantastic phone. I think every phone doesn't come without it's glitches, but I've had my Fascinate since May and until I dunked it in a glass of red wine last night, it was the best phone I've ever owned (coming from a long line of Palm's, Blackberry's, and the Motorola Droid, the original one), and I am anxiously awaiting my insurance replacement of the same. I saw on either Best Buy's website or Verizon's website today that it's now free with a 2 year contract, and you can't beat an amazing phone, for free. I say go for it. And good luck!

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