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any idea of full retail price?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by m.vasquez009, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. m.vasquez009

    m.vasquez009 Member
    Thread Starter

    hey i was wondering if anyone has a source they can share or even a general idea of what the full retail off contract price of the att sgs2 will cost??? i have heard the sprint version retails at 550? correct me if im wrong.

  2. mgoblueno1

    mgoblueno1 Member

    Non-ATT GSII costs about $600. So I would expect Att version to be about $600 also
  3. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    I'm betting on $699 because I believe that's what the Infuse started at, now the Infuse $550 on AT&T. AT&T always prices them very high to start.

    Retail of the imported SGSII on most sites had been $650 and up but it's been dropping due to the US release. Now on eBay you can get them new for $575 but warranty is an issue (despite what the sellers say). Expansys now sells it for $600 (it was over $700 a few weeks ago).

    It still pays to take it at the contract rate and worse case pay the $350 ETF if you drop ATT. It usually adds up to the same or less than retail.

    Sprint version is worth much less since it can only be used on Sprint. The ATT or Import can be used on any GSM carrier worldwide making it worth more once you unlock it.
  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

  5. Android26

    Android26 Android Enthusiast

    dang that's too much cash
  6. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    The Infuse was $550 yesterday and $750 today on ATT dot COM which only goes to prove that, when it comes out, the SGSII "retail" could vary like the stock market.
  7. zmagrini

    zmagrini Lurker

    700+ when sprints version is set at 499 for basically the same phone... hmmmmm
  8. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Android Enthusiast

    Flaky operation. They confirm on contract price but not the off contract price. 750? It better come with a ******** :D
  9. KMPrenger

    KMPrenger Member

    Just announced for Oct 2nd release. $199.99 with 2 year contract and minimum $15 data plan.

    Now to keep our eyes open for special pre-order sales or specials! (hopefully)
  10. sansart

    sansart Newbie

    $550 off contract
  11. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    I'll bet $700+ for the first month or so then down to $550. The Infuse was $750 a few days ago for some strange reason but it was free after rebate on contract (it was $550 a week before that). They want to sell contracts, they don't want to sell bare phones.
  12. sansart

    sansart Newbie

    Nope, http://twitter.com/#!/ATT/status/116604370300313600
  13. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    Very interesting, but their prices (both no contract and contract) vary depending on where you live and what day of the week it is. I take their twits, I mean tweets, with a large grain of salt. :)
  14. randomtask16

    randomtask16 Newbie

    I'm now wondering how much the LTE version will be going for grey market. I seriously doubt ATT will be picking it up anytime soon
  15. m.vasquez009

    m.vasquez009 Member
    Thread Starter

    so the retail price of the phone will keep changing?? even if that twitter post that sansart posted said it will be priced at 550?
  16. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    Can't say for all but they have on the Atrix and Infuse. They are the only 2 I have watched.
  17. foxbat121

    foxbat121 Newbie

    Yes, retail price does change from time to time depending what how big the promotion is :) That is, the final on contract price didn't change much on AT&T and they keep inflating retail price to show you how much you saved. But the actual price that you pay for at the register doesn't vary too much, especially at the first couple of weeks.

    Also the twitter annouced price may not be official either. I vividly remembed many of us got burned last year when GS1/Captivate was released. AT&T twitter repeatly confirmed that the off contract price will be $399 (and the retail system even had $399 in) but at the last minute, AT&T changed to $499. A lot of ppl were pissed off.
  18. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    Yes, absolutely. I remember that well which is why I ended up not getting it (which turned out to be a good thing :) ).

    It seems now it's best to buy on contract and pay the ETF. There isn't that much difference anymore between retail ($550) and contract ($200)+etf ($350 or less).
  19. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Android Enthusiast

    Yea but what about people that are only 10 months into their contract?
  20. kidsavior

    kidsavior Well-Known Member

    To upgrade early you would want to call AT&T customer service (611) and try and convince them. If you have been a customer for longer than a year you can usually talk them into allowing an early upgrade. There will be an "early upgrade" fee though, and I don't know how much that might be. I have read of people whom claim to have gotten around this fee, but it usually involved multiple calls and a LOT of arguing.
  21. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert

    Deleted because previous message stated the same thing I had written.
  22. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Android Enthusiast

    I wonder if an Att rep at the store can do this for me. Maybe they would have a better chance at getting me an early upgrade if they want to make the sale and put me on another 2yr contract.

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