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Any inside word on Verizon and Galaxy Journal?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by milew666, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. milew666

    milew666 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is ANYONE friends with anyone that works for verizon who has the inside skinny on when or IF this phone will be coming to verizon. I just want to sell my Galazy nexus and pay the difference for the note/journal IF it comes to verizon. Any word? Is it going to happen?? Soon? I need some info!! haha

  2. milew666

    milew666 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No one?? Am I the only one wanting this phone to come to verizon....like now?
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  3. milew666

    milew666 Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  4. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Moved your thread to the Verizon forum to get more Verizon eyes on it. ;)
  5. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob Android Expert

    I would have preferred the Note/ Journal myself, but I'll reserve judgement until I see what HTC comes up with. They can produce good hardware and, if the new ONE phones are anything to go by, this 5" "phablet" could be a really nice alternative. :hmmmm2:
  6. milew666

    milew666 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am just mad that what HTC and verizon is doing, is allegedly only makimg theirs inches as opposed to 5.3 which to me is dumb to go smaller.

    Does anyone know if it is at all possible to unlock a AT&T phone to use through a verizon network? If so, I just may buy the note from AT&T, if that is possible. Can't drop verizon since my unlimited data is "grandfathered in". I was just so irritated when I saw that the rumored size was only 5 inches and the note is 5.3. Doesn't sound like much, but to me, it is a huge difference.
  7. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob Android Expert

    Nope - AT&T uses GSM network technology and Verizon uses CDMA. You'd need to tear it apart and replace the radio in it to get it to work.
  8. nkk

    nkk Android Expert

    Aside from that, you will also have to rewrite and compile the kernal to use the proper drivers for your new radio. You know...in case having to tear apart the phone was not enough to dissuade you... :p

    Seriously though, I love my Nexus enough to not give it up for a note, but the Note does look amazing....

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  9. bbeelzebub

    bbeelzebub Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that this is:

    A- Just rumors
    B- Could just be a general number told to BGR and the screen may be 5.3 as it's going to depend on what size screens are available, etc.
    C- Might not even exist depending on the source's credibility
    D- These rumors came from BGR
  10. You forgot a couple.

    E- These rumors came from bgr.
    F- Bgr is the source.

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  11. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    In the above post, reasons D & E look somewhat similar. Maybe it's just me..... (lol)

    Then again, maybe they were meant to be.... ;-)
  12. bbeelzebub

    bbeelzebub Well-Known Member

    Based on BGR's previous record, it's safe to say that the only truth in their story is that sometime in the future, Verizon will carry a new phone made by HTC.
  13. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    Well, BGR (Boy Genius Report) has always been "out there" with much of thier info. I sure mostly to attract attention to themselves. Which is why when we read all these sites we need to be somewhat decerning when deciding what's true and what's not. But like I've said, I've been so hungry for info, I'll read just about anything, and until we get something from an official site like Verizon or Motorola, something about a grain of salt comes to mind,

    Good luck to all of us,
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    JOSHSKORN Lurker

    I just registered for this forum just so I could post here.

    When I saw the Galaxy Note, my first thought was OMG a phone for my fat fingers. About time! ...but it's on AT&T :( and I'm on Verizon...grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. Switching ain't happening.

    I would like to know if/when this phone comes to Verizon. I HOPE it isn't smaller. In fact, I hope the actual screen size is slightly taller, and that it comes with ICS out of the box.
  15. milew666

    milew666 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You're not kidding, I am grandfathered in as well that is why I will not switch, I just pray Verizon steps it up and at least makes it the same size. Size matters these days when it comes to phones. I have the galaxy nexus, and when I hold my friends I phone, it seems like I am holding an old flip phone. Some people do not like the bigger screens, but from the people I talk to, bigger is better. Especially since the 5.3 fits nicely in the pocket.
  16. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    I would guess that if Verizon does indeed get the phone, it will be the same size. Size of the screen is a major modification. It would require major changes, like the frame, antenae size and placement, etc. Not something minor like internal memory, CPU speed, etc.

    I like bigger also, although not sure if I could handle 5.3, that's a whole inch bigger than my X. I mean I would like a big screen, just like I have a 24" monitor for my desktop computer instead of a 19". But you never know, I'd definately take a look at it.

    Good luck to all of us,
  17. milew666

    milew666 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Werid, at the mall last night, a verizon dude, after I asked, said oh yeah, the Journal from Galaxy (response to the note) is coming in June. Now, I have seen nothing online, so I hope he was not just blowing smoke. I Asked if the screen size was the same, he said yes, I asked if it was from HTC, he said Samsung.
  18. Dominick_7

    Dominick_7 Newbie

    Just talked to a rep last night in Idaho ( best call center out there next to californias btw) and he said the same thing. I asked where he got the information from and he said he got it from callers that called in a few days ago or so. He also said he gets the best most up to date information from callers who call in with rumor info. Since it wasn't from a rumor site as I can't find any info on it, I'm wondering if this isn't a leak or.. is it a bunch of people messing with them? I don't know.. but to back up what you were told, I heard the same thing. I think he said June-September time frame, I guess 2nd quarter. THAT would be AMAZING! I'd wouldn't like an HTC one because for one thing Samsung has already the experience with this type of tablet/phone and have done such an outstanding job on it, and for another thing HTC phone radios are worse than Samsungs. I can't get a signal in my house on an HTC phone. So it's a no go. But for a Note I'd be willing to even just depend on Skype for calls to have the functionality of the sPen and everything else. Agree with you on the size of the HTC screen, assuming its true. That would suck missing out on the extra screen real estate.

    I have a Droid 3 and have been SERIOUSLY considering leaving Verizon after 10+ years with them, having an unlimited data plan for AT&T, as in I was going to do this as soon as I had the money for the Note.. but this is keeping me around a bit more... May is also when the exclusivity agreement with AT&T ends for the Note so this is a possibility. They've had more than enough time to work on it.. the original Note came out like 7-8 months ago already. After the 2nd quarter though I think my patience will have run out.
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  19. ilovethebeach

    ilovethebeach Well-Known Member

    I want one of these to. I love my Inc 2, but I am getting so tired of the crappy battery life. . I played with one at BB itwas awesome.

    I hope no one is pulling our legs on this phtablet coming to Verizon
  20. velvetdiva

    velvetdiva Lurker

    I just registered today, but if you do a Google search for Galaxy Note, you'll see an article from BusinessToday stating that there is a Galaxy Note 2 set for release in October... so your first Gen wait may be in vain.

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