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Any IPhone users considering shift to Galaxy S7/S7 edge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Snakeyeskm, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm On Probation
    Thread Starter

    Please list your reasons for considering the transition. Thanks

  2. rkkeller

    rkkeller Android Enthusiast

    I have the iPhone 6+ and switching to the S7 Edge. I think they are the same size, but the S7 specs and features are better in every way from what I have seen, even better than the newer 6s+ and even on par or better than the "rumored" iPhone 7.

    I have used the S5 before and want more flexibility, more ways to customize, access to more apps even adult ones :>. Apple and Android have some of the same apps, but Apple seems to restrict features that Android allows. Apple also does not allow a lot of apps so while there are a lot of apps, variety can be limited. Even getting a simple ringtone can be a hassle unless buying direct from Apple.

    I also want to get away from iTunes as every update gives me a problem I have to Google to fix it, it seems to load all kinds of other programs and slows down my computer. When I close iTunes on one of my computers a process will not shut down and uses a lot of cpu and I have to end it manually every time.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like my iPhone 6+, its a nice phone, but it's more like I out grew it. My dad and some older relatives all have and love their iPhones, I just want more.
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  3. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Android Enthusiast

    I got conflicting answers from Verizon. My question is, can I just swap the nano sim from my iPhone 6 Plus and install it into the S7 Edge, or do I need to use the sim that comes with the phone? I know that the iPhone NFC chip is internal, while some Android phones use the sim as it's NFC chip. Would be great if I could use the iPhone sim as that's already activated.

    Never mind. I found the answer, and yes I can use the iPhone sim in the S7 Edge.
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  4. 1080p

    1080p Android Enthusiast

    I have T-Mobile Jump On Demand... so I flip flop from iOS and Android often. I just traded in my iPhone 6S for a Galaxy S7, and in September, I'll likely trade in my Galaxy S7 for an iPhone 7, unless some other Android phone intrigues the hell out of me around that time. I get 3 upgrades per year... no biggie.
  5. rkkeller

    rkkeller Android Enthusiast

    I switch around like that but I only get it once a year unless I want to pay. I am done with my iPhone time and going to Android again and not sure if I will go back to Apple again or not. I like the features, but get frustrated when I go to do something simple all Androids can do and find the iPhone can't. I also don't really find that iOS is more stable than Android like I used to think. That was a big thing that kept me going back.
  6. hairtumor

    hairtumor Newbie

    I've always had a android. Got an iphone about 3 years ago because my wife and two daughters had one. I figured it would be easier. I got tired of the lack of customization pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, its a nice phone ready to go right out of the box its just not for me. got my s7 edge in the mail yesterday and am re learning android. : )
  7. Dena81

    Dena81 Lurker

    I was going to say that the only kind of phone I could see you not being able to switch it with is an older generation that would use a micro sim or even mini sim. But all modern smartphones as the past year or so have been using nano sim. The only time you'd obviously have an issue is with an unlocked phone or a phone from a different carrier as verizon likes to lock their sims down.
  8. Dena81

    Dena81 Lurker

    I was going to get an iphone years ago when the first one came out. The lack of tethering turned me off in a world that was lacking extensive wifi and mifi options back then. I went blackberry and then from that I went android and have never regretted my decision. Definitely an android fangirl and even more so a Samsung fangirl as I've been with them since the SII and Galaxy Nexus days!
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  9. keri2000

    keri2000 Newbie

    I am! I have had every smartphone OS over the years and keep bouncing between android and iOS. I went from the Evo 3d, to the iPhone 4s, to the HTC One M7, to the Galaxy S5, to the iPhone 6.

    I love the fact the iPhone is so stable. That keeps me going back. It just works. Plain and simple but I really still miss widgets, a functioning swipe keyboard, customization and an interactive homescreen. I hated the S5. It was unstable and the camera sucked more than anything I had ever used. I hated it so much that I paid retail to get an iPhone. I've had my 6S for a year and a half. I love it, but I still really want widgets (also the alarm volume is tied to the ringer volume and yup, I still forget some mornings to turn my ringer down and get woken up to a blasting alarm). I really don't understand how Apple still hasn't implemented widgets....And third party keyboards suck so badly. I can't wait to use the full version of SwiftKey again.

    Anyway, I am giving Samsung another chance and really really hope that TouchWiz has been greatly improved. It was slow and buggy. The S5's fingerprint reader was an abomination, and I made the guy at BestBuy show me with a non-demo unit how the fingerprint reader was significantly better. I also played with the camera and it seemed to be super snappy and the picture quality was really great.

    Anyway, I am super invested in iOS, but I've also spent a ton on android apps too so at this point, whatever. I am going to give Samsung another try. Also, a huge motivator for me is the Gear S2. The Apple Watch has a battery life of less than 24 hours.... What the heck?? Also it can't be used as a stand alone watch for GPS and the Gear can. So clearly I am choosing that as my free item from pre-ordering.
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  10. twodaend

    twodaend Lurker

    I just made the switch from an iPhone 5S to the S7 Edge after having the 3GS and 5. I have been debating about the change for a while, but when the iPhone 6S/Plus came out, I knew I was not going to just keep following Apple who now offers little innovation in my opinion. I've only had my S7 Edge for a few days, but so far, I love all of the freedom it offers with all of the customization.

    I will admit, the one thing I may end up missing is the backup/restore features in the Apple world using iTunes and iCloud. I'm having trouble finding something comparable as thus far, I've only tried Samsung Smart Switch to replace iTunes for manual backup/restores, which it does a decent job. However Google Backup is not a replacement for me to iCloud as when doing a test restore, all of my apps came back, but the data for those apps and even my text messages where not restored (not sure what else may have been missing). I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but a set it and forget it complete cloud backup, thus far Google Backup is not.

    I'm still happy with the S7 Edge and in due time I'm sure I will find my way around.
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  11. Shimeon

    Shimeon Newbie

    I just switched my iPhone 6 for the S7 Edge. It's my first larger phone, and first Android. I made the switch because I am in the process of getting rid of my macbook to get a windows PC, in part. I won't miss Apple, in all honesty. They offer stable OS but it is also very limited.

    Loving my first Android experience so far. The fact that you can customize it a lot more makes it very interesting to me, as I like being able to have a nice looking interface.

    I mean, hell, this looks much better than iOS's boring interface cluttered with app icons.

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  12. ssgokou29

    ssgokou29 Lurker

    I'm currently on a 6+ and will be making the switch to the S7Edge. I was previously on the s5, however with my girl overseas it was a pain to carry the ipad mini to talk to her (she had an iphone). So i made the switch so i could FT with her on the go whenever. She's now moved to the states and i rarely use my ipad, so back to Android! I always like the customization capabilities of android over iOS, plus not a fan of imessage and other things. Going to be nice to be back home and make the phone look the way i want it too instead of just static titles. iOS is nice and stable and the OS is def easier to use. But I like to customize my phone with widgets and make the phone look like how i want it too.
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  13. jwestham

    jwestham Newbie

    just switched a week ago. had the 6s and now have the galaxy s7.

    zero complaints and glad I switched. a lot more you can on it.
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  14. jwestham

    jwestham Newbie

    well, one would be about the mods changing my posts and them getting all pissy that I downloaded ONE app that pirated TV (even though I pay for Comcast and Netflix...oh and amazon prime). My only reason for downloading it, which s/he decided to be a presumptuou(as)s and call me cheap and what not (by changing my post), that's ok, I wont is because I'm a die hard west ham fan (soccer), and you CANNOT get most of their games televised in the USA at all - tv contracts are to each country so I can't sign up for another countries tv program over the internet to watch it. so for the purposes of watching soccer, it's great. I watch a lot of leagues, and it has them all.

    other thing that I enjoy is the freedom of being able mess with the files, move stuff where I want, along with the use of a microSD.

    quite frankly, I got sick of Apples proprietary systems and needing only their systems to do anything on
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  15. thecasualties

    thecasualties Newbie

    I switched from my Iphone to the S7 edge, and i'm loving it! Bigger screen, developer options, apps that Apple won't let you use.. So many reasons.

    The SD card thing is great too! I forgot I had one in my old Droid 2 and now I have all my old pictures and music again! Oh an I even have my old ringtones back!

    Mostly, I just love how customizable android is. It felt like Apple was trying to restrict me while android gives me much more freedom to do what I want.
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  16. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member

    Just switched from iPhone to Android with the S7. Had an iPhone 5. I bought that because I didn't like the Galaxy S2 I had before it. I had it (the S2) rooted and all, but I was never satisfied with that phone. I am totally happy with the S7 and will stay on board with Android if the phones continue to be this good.
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  17. hipchic12

    hipchic12 Lurker

    I just switched from the iPhone 6 to the Galaxy S7. It is very similar in size, I use to be a huge android fan and got on the iPhone wagon (just to see what it was like) and had the iPhone for about 5 years... its different to be back to a droid, but today is only my first full day of having the phone. I picked it up last night, and although its easy to make the switch (transferring content), I find that the camera itself is a little more pixilated or is it because I was use to the iPhone camera? I use the front camera often (yes for selfies), and noticed that its different. Is there an app to make the camera more crisp or am I just losing it and the camera is better than the iPhone? LOL Those of you who switched from an iPhone to the Galaxy may understand what I'm talking about. :rolleyes:
  18. hipchic12

    hipchic12 Lurker

    Also, did anyone's S7 end up still being on the iMessage? I contacted my carrier, he said I have to call a 1-800 # to get off the iMessage because I was getting both Apple and Droid emoji's popping up when I was texting after the transfer
  19. hipchic12

    hipchic12 Lurker

    Thanks @Snakeyeskm but that didn't fix the emoji problem. I'm still seeing the apple emojis even after I restart my phone...when I'm testing it, it comes out as an X when I send emojis to another android phone... I'm using the message plus app that comes with the phone. I believe there are two messaging apps

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