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Any known memory hogs?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Aftashok, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Aftashok

    Aftashok Member
    Thread Starter

    i'm regularly dropping down to 30MB or so of free memory, without anything in particular running.... i had AutoKiller installed, and i would go and check processes, yet thered be nothing that added up to the amount of memory that was tied up. in lieu of posting a list of all the apps i have installed, i was wondering if anyone knew of programs that hogged memory notoriously....

    i have Advanced Task Killer, which auto-kills apps every 30mins. but even once ive hit that 30-40MB threshhold, ATK could kill all running apps (besides a few in the ignore list), and it might jump to 50 or so, but soon enough, right back to the same level.... any suggestions, because it seems to be even getting worse, leading my Captivate to lag slightly....

  2. The Shape

    The Shape Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem. I open advanced task killer and kill several apps. 30 minutes later or so, they're running again and I didn't even start them. What the heck?!
  3. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Does live wallpapers take up alot of memory?
  4. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    No. Live wallpaper doesn't.

    As a rule, don't kill all tasks unnecessarily. That only make things worse. Some of the tasks have to run since they are core apps. Turning them off only forces them to turn themselves on instantly.
  5. Aftashok

    Aftashok Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah, i mean i have core apps and the like on my ignore list of ATK....
  6. Max Tempest

    Max Tempest Newbie

    Did you get rid of the AT&T bloatware? I did, and my phone hovers around 100MB free memory as well as running smoother.
  7. Regalicious

    Regalicious Well-Known Member

    Android caches certain apps and Activities in memory as prefetch (kind of like how Windows does) so that they launch faster when you activate them. If it needs memory freed for another app it will free it itself. Having a small amount of memory free is not inherently / always a bad thing -- it is in fact a good thing if no apps are misbehaving or bloated and you're just letting the OS manage its own resources. If everything is going right your phone will feel snappier with less free memory.

    You should let Android handle the hard stuff and not worry about how much memory is free or what's running in the background unless your phone stops responding. I have ATK but I only use it to kill apps that need FC (i.e. that have frozen or won't stop transferring data but aren't responding, etc). My phone pretty much never stutters or is slow and I never think about managing or closing apps, which makes using the phone more enjoyable.

    Think of ATK like the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) in Windows ... you don't need to go killing processes unless they misbehave or freeze.
  8. Aftashok

    Aftashok Member
    Thread Starter

    yes, got rid of everything besides Allshare and the Music Player.

    thats my point, i WOULDNT pay attention to how much memory i had, i dont check it at all until my phone DOES start to lag slightly, and its always once ive hit that threshhold around 30MB free or so.

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