Root Any Lollipop ROMs support Link2SD or Similar Solutions?


Hey All,

So after my rooting adventures, my next goal was to get Link2SD or something similar working. I don't feel like I have a lot of apps but my phone seems to disagree. I don't even play games on this thing.

I'm currently using CarbonROM.

I tried several apps, repartitioned, different filesystems, reformatting from both the apps2sd app, a several laptop using gparted, and the twrp (which never worked, it can't seem to locate the SD Card in the first place), I gave up. I thought, well Lollipop is supposed to be better about letting you move apps, right?

I loved seeing Amazon Shopping without a grayed out Move to SD... as well as a ton of other apps. Unfortunately, I get the same error... not enough storage space.

I have an empty 32gb SD Card, currently formatted to FAT32. The card can mount successfully now (there was a long stretch where it would be stuck in "Preparing SD Card; Checking for Errors" but reformatting on a separate machine did the trick).

My understanding is because of the way Lollipop names the folders for SD Cards (now internal memory is sdcard0 and a true one is sdcard1) some apps are confused and "Move to SD" may just have you moving the app around Internal Memory (I believe I read this in the CarbonROM Thread). Someone vaguely mentioned that link2sd may work.

Does anyone have any positive experiences setting this up or an alternative? I'm not a game player (though I'd like the option). I read about FolderMount as well.

I'm also willing to drop down to a different type of ROM as long as it's not a battery suck and works fairly snappy.

And taking a noob shot, why can't a ROM setup some sort of link from the old naming conventions and link them to the new sdcard1, etc?. I understand there is always the mistake some people make of trying to move system apps or things with widgets, but barring that, is this still a bad idea?



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Also, update... I was looking through apps and AppMgr III said it supported up to Android 5.

After installing it, under the Move Apps option, when I go over to SD Card, I see...

"This device doesn't enable users moving apps to the SD card.

Usually, it's because of the manufacture removes the function of moving apps to SD from Android, or a SD card is not inserted."

The SD Card is definitely in there and mounted to /storage/sdcard1. I've also copied some files manually to the card itself and that seems to work too.

What gives?



You manually copied apps to your sd and it worked? man i tried everything i could. Even formatting the sd to different partitions of fat ext2/3/4 etc. Nothing would allow me to move apps to the SD or make a partition the new "internal" for apps to be installed. Even wasted money on link2sd.


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The new Cyanogenmod 13 rom gives this option to format your sd card as internal storage and move have to have a quality sd card...not a cheap skandisk ect...and it has to be LEXAR 32gb( @ $25.00 made for digital cameras) that moves at 3mb per too slow as my phone warned me while formating, said probably work but apps will stutter or stall while in use...recommend a faster SD are also going to loose your mobility for the card...just a heads up.