Any negatives to using US English on Google now?


I live in the UK and I am using an HTC one n8 and would love the ability to use OK Google from any screen, however I cannot enable it as it says it's not available in my country. I have since changed my language settings in Google now to us English and it has since let me use it.

My question is though, Are there any negative to using us English when living in the UK?

Thanks guys.


I found it can work a bit better if you try using standard US English phonology, think CNN or VOA, particularly on words like "hot" and "water". That's what I tell my students sometimes. Also the spelling maybe somewhat different, thank you Noah Webster. ;)


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Hi shenfrey, I've had voice commands working from all screens on my M7 for a few months now and although I don't use it very often, haven't experienced any particular problems with requests for things like current weather or local bus times, or sending text messages and emails.

I do find it especially useful to set the alarm - much easier than doing it manually.

I have got UK English selected as a secondary language but I'm not sure if that makes much, if any, difference.