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Any new Anroid on the horizon?

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by qwertyaas, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm planning up upgrading soon to a Captivate but am curious if any top-end Android phones are coming out or is the Captivate it for a while for ATT?

  2. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    Supposedly the Sony Experia X-10 is coming tomorrow and for AT&T... Check it out tomorrow.
  3. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wouldn't the Xperia be a downgrade to the Captivate (not even taking into account the 16GB internal to te 1GB of the Xperia)?
  4. spbbp03

    spbbp03 Lurker

    I would think so, especially considering speculated Android 1.6 with no upgrade roadmap that includes Froyo. Only upgrade may be in the 8MP camera with the LED flash.
  5. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    Samsung is making an announcement on Weds, supposibly the 7" tablet. I have also seen some rumors of an HTC 4.3" something, don't recall the name.
  6. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    HTC Desire? I would love for that phone to come out soon. I would prefer an HTC phone as they seem great with their support of it.
  7. tsanuri

    tsanuri Android Enthusiast

    It would be the HTC DesireHD. Problem is almost all GSM phones hit EU first and then hit the states in 4-6 months. Do you really want a Snapdragon processor in 4-6 months? That would be an end of life processor to me at that point.
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  8. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You make a good point. I want to pick up a phone soon but with all the issues the Captivate is having lately, the only other option is an iPhone. I would much rather go Android but not at the expense of a phone suffering many issues...

    Maybe I'll pick up the Captivate first and see how it works. Worst case I'll exchange it.
  9. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Android Enthusiast

    Captivate still seems the only android worth having at the moment. We are getting the Dell Streak with Android 1.6 and being a 5" monstrosity could certainly use the speed 2.2 offers, too bad it won't be seeing 2.2 anytime soon

    and we have the Sony X10 which looked impressive, but is also plagued with 1.6 version of Android....

    What is with AT&T and picking technology that is old after it gets outta the gates? Maybe these weren't really old when they were released to Europe late last year or early this year, but seriously it's like AT&T just likes getting Europe's sloppy seconds? Whats next HTC Desire early next year when 2ghz phones with android 3.0 start coming out?
  10. thejdubb02

    thejdubb02 Member

    Being an AT&T customer you have to set some basic expectations.

    AT&T is one of the slowest companies to adopt new technology. They always have been... as a matter of fact, the only major limb they have ever climbed out on in recent years was the iPhone.

    But here's the thing... once they get a taste of where the money comes from, they dump everything into it. Being that this is the case, we should see Android releases come faster and faster as time goes on.

    Plus people now days are impatient. Plus there is no use in whining about it since you aren't going to make them come out any faster. Here is my advise... switch to Verizon and be pissed that there are too many phones coming out all the time and the Droid you just bought 5 months ago is now completely garbage compared to what you missed out on, and even if you buy now, you are going to kick yourself in the ass in a month anyway. OR sit tight, use what you have and wait for something to come along that you feel comfortable buying and zip it.
  11. ScuroRaven

    ScuroRaven Well-Known Member

    I have tmobile, planning on going to AT&T once contract is up at the end of the year. Tmobile has been good to me, but doing more traveling and they just don't have the coverage. Went from Oklahoma city to Santa Fa with some friends, and each one of us happened to have a different service. About 45 min from OKC tmo went into roaming, sprint lost data, V went down to 1 bar, ATT was going strong. In the Texas panhandle, no sprint, tmo roaming, no V, ATT still strong. Spint never did come back, V was spotty. Tmo was either roaming or spotty depending on where we were. AT&T never had a problem. After that Clearly AT&T is the better choice. Now....Which android phone???
  12. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    my opinion if you can wait till sept and hopefully samsung fixes gps and releases froyo then the captivate would be the android to go with , right now i would probably play wait and see game for the xperia to maybe get upgraded to at least 2.1, its running 1.6 i believe still.
  13. ScuroRaven

    ScuroRaven Well-Known Member

    After searching the DELL Thunder is suppose to be coming to AT&T 4Q 2010

    Video YouTube - Dell Thunder Prototype Smartphones Review

    • 4.1 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and a resolution of 480 X 800 pixels
    • 512 MB ROM & 512 MB RAM
    • 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor
    • 8 MP camera with autofocus and 4x digital zoom and a bright single-LED flash
    • 720p video capture
    • 3.7 v 1400 mAh battery
    • 3.5 mm headset jack
    • Wi-Fi 802.11n
  14. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    Considering Dell and At&t are currently in some sort of legal battle and none of the Dell devices are available from At&t or any of it's resellers, I wouldn't count of any Dell device coming to At&t any time soon with normally subsidized pricing.

    I waited for the Streak for 8 months and then their spat started last month, so now I am looking at a Samsung Tablet or something else in the next few months to come out.
  15. ScuroRaven

    ScuroRaven Well-Known Member

    Are you refering to the Streak Beta test issues? Seems to be a Non-issue to me. The Testers signed a form stating that the beta test was to end Prior to the phones release at anytime.

    As of yesterday Dell offically announced that they and ATT will offer the Areo for $99 to new customers
  16. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    The Streak and Aero are available on Dell's website with subsidy pricing. But subsidy pricing for the Streak is high at $299 ($550 without contract) and the Aero is crap.

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