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Any news about 4.4 ???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adrianlobont, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Many of 4.4s changes are under the hood. Things that really improve battery life when listening to music or on WiFi.

    Coupled with that is the Google experience launcher

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  2. Thatdad

    Thatdad Android Expert

    What's the Google experience launcher?
  3. kane1513

    kane1513 Newbie

    I got the update and my tab is stuck on the new boot logo.... I don't want to wipe. Any suggestions?
  4. tanware

    tanware Android Enthusiast

    Assuming you are still stuck do a soft battery shut down and try another power up........
  5. Thatdad

    Thatdad Android Expert

    Ran into first bug.

    'Remove' won't disappear, and Android launcher stopped unexpectedly.

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  6. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    The launcher included with the newest Google search on 4.1+ devices.

    It made its debut on the nexus 5
  7. stonethrower

    stonethrower Newbie

    I got the OTA update (U.K) and it has sent the pad into an endless loop had to contact Google they are giving me a replacement. I'm a bit wary of updating my wife's nexus 4 when the OTA for that comes.
  8. ooberandy

    ooberandy Android Enthusiast

    I got my nexus 4 update last night. Everything is going well so far
  9. littlebullet

    littlebullet Lurker

    Just forced the upgrade on the N7 and N10 this morning.
    Everything looking good but don't see any obvious changes
  10. tanware

    tanware Android Enthusiast

    That looks like the launcher crashed while removing the icon. Has this happened repeatedly? I may never see this as I am digging on the Nova launcher right now, paid version......... :smokingsomb:

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  11. kane1513

    kane1513 Newbie

    I did the soft reset.... Never gets past the swirling logo. I am still able to get into download mode and recovery.
  12. jetguat

    jetguat Android Enthusiast

    I got the 4.4 OTA update last night. Accepted it. LIttle green android reported installing. then NExus 10 booted, after a minute or so my little green android bot came up.. laying down, guts open and the words "error" and I'm stuck there. just stuck. power downs didnt help. soft reset (power/volume up... then select reset) nothing helps. the OTA just hosed the device up. and I had plenty of battery
  13. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Try flashing the factory image, should clear things right up.
  14. jetguat

    jetguat Android Enthusiast

    Don't have my nexus 10 here. But a couple thoughts come to mind.

    1) factory image probably means data since last TB PRO backup is lost right?

    2) I used wugfresh to root. Can I user that to help?

    Basically not sure how to put factory image back on.
  15. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Wugs can be used to flash the factory image, though I'm not sure if it's been updated to look for the 4.4 images yet. Flashing a factory image will wipe the device completely clean, so your backs will get cleared out.
  16. tanware

    tanware Android Enthusiast

    It looks like everyone I've seen so far with errors has their device rooted...........
  17. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    I got it last night. Turned it on and the notice was there. Installed with no issues. The thing seemed to run a little slow at first, but seemed fine after a while. The only thing I noticed different was the settings icon is different. I really did not use it that much. I am hoping for a less choppy performance.
  18. jpieter

    jpieter Newbie

    I turned on my Nexus 10 at 1 am this morning and there was the update to KIT KAT ready and waiting . The update only took about 5 minutes to download , so far the only change I can see straightaway was the SETTINGS icon had changed to a COG, but I will investigate more this afternoon.
  19. tanware

    tanware Android Enthusiast

    Also the settings page is no longer two piece but single like that of a phone.
  20. dibblebill

    dibblebill Android Expert

    Most of 4.4's changes were 'under the hood', so to speak
    Rxpert83 likes this.
  21. gracejourney

    gracejourney Newbie

    Live in North Georgia and just installed.... no problems yet. 4.4 is here.
  22. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    The jersey shore here, just showed up on my Nex4, installed with no issues. I got in on my Nex10 last week. Same results.
  23. Grey1001

    Grey1001 Android Enthusiast

    California - installed today and all good so far.

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