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any news on the update?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by capuman, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone have any news on the update from HTC?

    Last time i checked (end of 2010) they where claiming to have an update out in a few weeks. Well its almost half way through Feb now and im not seeing any updates...there are a lot of issues on the DHD as we are all aware of (as are HTC!!) surely they should have an update out by now to resolve all the issues? (Especially for those who did the 2.2.1 update and got their sms and other things screwed because of it).

    I really want an update since the calendar keeps draining the battery life and i believe the 2.2.1 update fixed that issue..although it screwed many other things.

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  2. downey667

    downey667 Newbie

    the calender is draining your life because your phone is tried to syns facebook contacts all the time. Disable it and it will stop taking all your battery
  3. andy2322

    andy2322 Newbie

    just go this phone today how do i disable the calendar
  4. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    I've been emailing HTC about the issues caused with the 1.72.405.3 maintenance build released before Christmas and they replied back that an update to fix these issues would be released in Q2.

    After questioning them further on why it would take so long to release their own update they replied with:

    To me that means they are not releasing a new maintenance build as promised but they will be incorporating the feedback given by customers and incorporating into the Gingerbread release.

    So, it looks like we are definitely getting Gingerbread and it looks like we will be getting it in Q2. Got some time to wait but maybe it is better for them to fix all the issues in one go and make sure that 2.3 doesn't cause more issues than releasing an update now, then a 2.3 OS update then finding that 2.3 has messed up everything released in the first update and having to fix again.

    Fingers crossed we will get Gingerbread in April. Pray we don't have to wait until June.
  5. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    hmm interesting theory kingdave..i hope you're right! my last experience was with the hero..and that took over a year to get the update!!

    by the way downey667, my calendar has the facebook option unticked...so i dont think its that.

    Basically my phone was doing pretty well battery wise..but the other day i took the battery out, restarted the phone, took out the sim card, redid the whole thing (basically following some online steps which are supposed to improve your battery!) but since then its worse and when i look at the battery usage it seems like the calendar is on all the time and taking 10%...this was not the case before i did the whole battery thing...

    I also seem to have some htc plugin and htc launcher on all the time..and these things where never shown on my battery usage before...
  6. El Kroket

    El Kroket Well-Known Member

    Sorry to pop your bubble, but I don't see anything in your mails stating Gingerbread... An "update" can be pretty much anything. So I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. Let's just hope all the problems will be fixed.

  7. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    Agreed that the mails from HTC don't mention Gingerbread by name, but if it was a maintenance build (like the last one) for HTC software it wouldn't have to go through Google approval process.

    Until MWC next week the DHD is the current flagship device and is more than capable of running Gingerbread. It would be surprising if HTC didn't get the update out as soon as possible.
  8. El Kroket

    El Kroket Well-Known Member

    I see your point about the approval process, but the people who answer these mails don't really know what they're talking about most of the times. Some people already have send HTC mails, literally asking them if there will be a Gingerbread update and everytime they respond with something like : "We don't know yet at this stage".

    I know the DHD is their current flagship, that's why all this is Bullsh#t! I think we've spend enough money on our phone to deserve some more information about the progress of the updates. Another thing is HTCsense... This was actually the reason why I bought the phone in the first place. But It all turned out to be a big lie since after all these months it's still not working. Like I mentioned before, I LOVE my phone but HTC's after sale support is total crap. If they don't change their attitude they will lose a lot of their customer this way...

    Sorry for my frustration... :)
  9. kingdave

    kingdave Android Enthusiast

    I feel your pain - and this is coming from someone whose first step into Android was with Samsung. Because of their utter disregard for their customers and peddling lies they have lost me as a customer for any of their products for life.

    If HTC end up being the same I will leave them and never come back. So far though, updates have come, issues have been addressed and they at least respond to customer queries. But we will see how long that lasts now they have got my money and are about to announce the latest bit of shiny tech so they can forget about the existing customer base.
  10. Slem

    Slem Newbie

    Much chance they'll go directly to a 2.4 update, as it's supposed to be compatible with Honeycomb apps?
  11. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    my first hand experience with Nokia isnt any good, and the iSores are similar too when it comes to updates (not first hand info though). but that is but obvious since its new products and sales that take the valuations of companies like these higher, and not the after sales/support. and do remember we are talking about technology, both hardware and software/firmware, all of which become obsolete at the rate of knots. i wouldnt have high expectations, as they always reduce joy! my 2p fwiw...
  12. El Kroket

    El Kroket Well-Known Member

    Getting 2.4 would be awesome and even worth the wait, it would give the devs a good excuse to why we have to wait until Q2. But like Anandv76 says don't get your hopes up to high.
  13. zoric

    zoric Member

    If they dont release the gingerbread in Q2 am selling my phone.this was the most expencive phone on my carrier,and its not fer to us....this is what happend with me on N97,nokia totally disrespected their costumers with that phone.....it is better for HTC to watch on this because there are a lot of pissed dhd owners.
  14. ajp900

    ajp900 Newbie

    thats just the way i see it i moved away from nokia sony and samsung because of no or slow updates and now it seems that htc are getting the same i paid
  15. zoric

    zoric Member

    Lets wait and see.....i love my dhd and its a greatest phone i had but its annoying that they dont fix their bugs more frequently,especially update their highlight phones with the newest firmware!dhd has all the potencials of hardware for new android os!and thats why i bought dhd because i thought that because of its hardware be the first to get 2.3 or now 2.4!
  16. El Kroket

    El Kroket Well-Known Member

    The release of 2.4 in April is still a rumour at the moment... Many believe it won't be released before september, so like you said we'll just have to wait and see (and not get too excited).


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