Aug 1, 2010
For a few days I've been going through these forums attempting to find out why my Droid X would restart (Android + eye - soft restart) anytime I would receive and email or text message. I didn't find anything exactly like my occurrences, so if it is here, sorry for re-posting the same thing. It appears that when I installed a sound FX app and attempted to use one of the sounds from the downloaded app (scream) as my ringtone and/or notification sound. My phone would restart anytime I would receive a notification that would use the sound (except for phone calls, which reset my ringtone to a default ring? :/). I reset the sounds to default settings and it hasn't restarted since (so far :| ).

I was wondering if anyone knew why this was occurring? I would really like to use this sound effect (at least for awhile). I have went to the developers site and it seems to be an older app for the android market and really no information on the sound FX app there.

I put the title "Any notification restarts Droid X" because that is what I was trying to find to resolve the problem I had, and maybe it will be helpful for some one else... if it isn't already posted somewhere else here :/

My only guess with your restart issue would be that the app itself is poorly written. If its an older app, like you said, it may not support newer version of android. You may want to just find the same sound byte online somewhere and download it manually. If all you want from the app is one audio file, this seems like a sensible alternative. Good luck
Thanks, I did search for the audio clip online, to no avail. I was able to contact the developer. He is aware of the situation with some handsets, and is working on it (on a back burner). Fortunately for me he let me know when attempting to apply a sound as a ringtone, it saves the sound on the sd card, and I applied it from there.